Ticket #1393: tt_1393_log.txt

File tt_1393_log.txt, 1.8 KB (added by lithos, 12 years ago)

output generated by the debug prints just before the abort

128453: created pmc 0x96e45a4
228454: created pmc 0x96e457c
328455: created pmc 0x96e44c8
4created ret continuation 0x96e44c8
5./src/pmc/sub.pmc:402: setting continuation 0x96e44c8 in context 0x96e457c
628456: created pmc 0x96e44b4
728457: created pmc 0x96e44a0
828458: created pmc 0x96e448c
928459: created pmc 0x96e4478
1028460: created pmc 0x96e4464
1128461: created pmc 0x96e4450
12./src/pmc/sub.pmc:402: setting continuation 0x96e44c8 in context 0x96e4450
1328462: created pmc 0x96e443c
1428463: created pmc 0x96e4428
15created ret continuation 0x96e4428
16./src/pmc/sub.pmc:402: setting continuation 0x96e4428 in context 0x96e443c
1728464: created pmc 0x96e4414
1828465: created pmc 0x96e4400
1928466: created pmc 0x96e43ec
2028467: created pmc 0x96e43d8
2128468: created pmc 0x96e43c4
2228469: created pmc 0x96e43b0
2328470: created pmc 0x96e439c
2428471: created pmc 0x96e4388
2528472: created pmc 0x96e4374
2628473: created pmc 0x96e4360
2728474: created pmc 0x96e434c
2828475: created pmc 0x96e4338
29./src/pmc/retcontinuation.pmc:89: resetting continuation (pmc=0x96e4428) in context 0x96e443c
30./src/pmc/retcontinuation.pmc:93: freeing myself (pmc=0x96e4428)
3128476: free pmc 0x96e4428
3228477: created pmc 0x96e4428
3328478: created pmc 0x96e4324
34created ret continuation 0x96e4324
35./src/pmc/sub.pmc:402: setting continuation 0x96e4324 in context 0x96e4428
36./src/pmc/retcontinuation.pmc:89: resetting continuation (pmc=0x96e4324) in context 0x96e4428
37./src/pmc/retcontinuation.pmc:93: freeing myself (pmc=0x96e4324)
3828479: free pmc 0x96e4324
39./src/pmc/retcontinuation.pmc:89: resetting continuation (pmc=0x96e44c8) in context 0x96e4450
40./src/pmc/retcontinuation.pmc:93: freeing myself (pmc=0x96e44c8)
4128480: free pmc 0x96e44c8
42src/gc/api.c:247: failed assertion 'PObj_is_PMC_TEST(obj)'
43[New Thread 0xb6c41970 (LWP 11170)]
44Backtrace - Obtained 32 stack frames (max trace depth is 32).