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A patch to correct these inaccuracies

  • docs/book/pct/ch03_compiler_tools.pod

    196196created themselves. PCT includes a tool to do just that: 
    197197C<mk_language_shell.pl>.  This program automatically creates a new directory in 
    198198F<languages/> for your new language, the necessary three files, starter files 
    199 for libraries, a F<Makefile> to automate the build process, and a basic test 
     199for libraries, a F<setup.pir> script to automate the build process, and a basic test 
    200200harness to demonstrate that your language works as expects. 
    202202These generated files are all stubs which will require extensive editing to 
    219219From the Parrot directory, invoke C<mk_language_shell.pl> like: 
    221221  $ B<cd languages/> 
    222   $ B<perl ../tools/build/mk_language_shell.pl <project name>> 
     222  $ B<perl ../tools/dev/mk_language_shell.pl <project name>> 
    224224=head3 Parsing Fundamentals