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11) make without arguments is supposed to build parrot and documentation, but it also builds parrot_utils (except parrot-prove), so we may think that all and world targets are the same. Maybe, we can remove parrot_utils from make help or make 'world' the default target
22) Targets not listed in make help:
5some pasm examples (cat,fact,trace) <-- add them to 'Examples'
6parrot-prove, ops2c (in parrot_utils)
7configure_tests <-- may be usable for Parrot devs
83)make archclean doesn't clean some *.o files, but object files are arch-dependant, aren't they?
94)make 'distclean' and 'realclean' targets do the same thing. 
105)make installable can be described better in make help
11*6)circular dependencies:
12docs-clean <-> clean
13docs <-> docs-dummy
14html <-> html-dummy
15htmlhelp <-> htmlhelp-dummy
16*7)html-clean,pdf depend on themselves
178)Fix 6),7) and add htmlhelp-clean and pdf-clean to docs-clean
18*]Maybe, these are features, not bugs :). I've run configure.pl on Ubuntu 10.04 , Perl v5.10.1,  perldoc --version reports "Perldoc v3.14_04, under perl v5.010001 for linux"