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     237=head2 Merging a Github Pull Request 
     239If someone has sent the Parrot Github Organization a pull request, life is a 
     240bit easier now. If pull request #123 has been sent, then type: 
     242    perl tools/dev/merge_pull_request.pl 123 
     244and you will automatically be on a branch called pull_request_123 with all 
     245commits in the pull request applied as individually signed-off commits. Now 
     246you can review the code, run tests, etc and vet the code. You can even type 
     248    git checkout -b way_cooler_branch_name 
     250if you want a more informative branch name than the autogenerated one. 
     252If you want to merge this code to master, you then type 
     254    git checkout master 
     255    git merge --no-ff pull_request_123 
     257Don't forget to close the pull request manually, since signing off on the 
     258commits changes their SHA1s, which means Github can't detect the merge and 
     259autoclose the pull request. That's it! 
    237262=head2 Merging a Branch 
    239264When you're ready to merge your changes back into master, use the C<git merge>