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1<html><head></head><body>Hello,<br /><br />As you are more than likely
2aware, you were recently selected <br />for inclusion in the new 2014
3edition of the <strong>Heritage Who's Who</strong>.<br /><br />The Heritage
4Who's Who is a recognizable and distinguishable <br />biographical
5reference publication which is based on an individual's <br />present
6position and achievements as well as their lifetime <br />of
7accomplishments. <br /><br />We select individuals who have attained a
8recognizable degree <br />of success in their industry, business,
9profession and community. <br />Once selected, you will be amongst the
10thousands who have <br />contributed to their industries and thereby
11contributed to <br />the growth of our nation.<br /><br /><strong><a
14here to complete an official submission form</a></strong><br /><br />Using
15our database, you can make global contacts, discuss <br />current events
16and happenings with your peers, and establish <br />yourself as either a
17mentor to aspiring professionals or further <br />your business network.<br
18/><br />There is no cost to apply or be included. Please <strong><a
21this link</a> </strong><br />to complete the form, so we may include the
22most accurate <br />information in your biographical listing.<br /><br
23/><br />Sincerely yours,<br /><br />Howard J. Kemp<br />Vice President<br
24/><strong><a target="_blank"
26Who's Who</a></strong><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />If you would like
27to update your communication preferences, <br />please click this <a
30or write us at the following address:<br /><br />Heritage Who's Who<br
31/>2713 Thunder Road<br />San Francisco, CA 94108<br /><br /><img
33height="1" width="10"></body></html>