Ticket #231: no.special.annotate.patch

File no.special.annotate.patch, 0.9 KB (added by jkeenan, 12 years ago)

Eliminate superfluous make target test_pbc_annotation_persistence

  • config/gen/makefiles/root.in

    14511451# We probably need a complete build before running the tests. 
    14521452test_prep : all 
    1454 # We always want to test annotations are persisted in PBC during make test. 
    1455 test_pbc_annotation_persistence : test_prep 
    1456        $(PERL) t/harness $(EXTRA_TEST_ARGS) -r t/op/annotate.t 
    14581454# Run test cases with a single call of t/harness. Users have to look at only 
    14591455# one report. The default set of tests to run is contained in t/harness, 
    14601456# make any edits there. Some tests are run in a separate harness only because 
    14641460test : test_core nqp_test 
    14661462# Test Parrot core. 
    1467 test_core: test_prep test_pbc_annotation_persistence 
     1463test_core: test_prep  
    14681464       $(PERL) t/harness $(EXTRA_TEST_ARGS) 
    14701466# Test the NQP compiler