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14<p><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><span style="font-size: 12px; color: #f4f5f5;">I had this Steakhouse bookmarked for a while, and what better time to visit than when we are in town for our Anniversary. We made reservations months in advance to ensure we would have a great table here to celebrate our special night.
16**If you don't want to read my entire review, to sum up, They screwed up on our steaks, please refer to my pics for a reference.**
18Seating arrangements: We arrived right on time and we were seated quickly. We were assured that we would be seated at a "great" table with a view for people watching. We were ushered upstairs to a table in the middle intersection with a view of the bar. I wondered if this was a cruel joke from the cackling hens downstairs, as we got seated at the worst possible spot in the house. Who wants to people watch on a romantic date anyways!? This seat was in the middle of the server highway and us in. People were bustling back and forth behind me to tend to the patrons against the walls and windows, and servers and patrons were walking in front of our table to get to and from the kitchen and to the restroom.. This was not the romantic dinner I had pictured. We asked to be moved, and we were seated at a MUCH better table with a view outside in the corner of the restaurant, also furthest away from the live music. I did love that live music was playing but if we were not seated at the f
19 urther end of the restaurant, we would have been yelling to hear each other.
21Wine selection: Not a bad range of wines, with decent prices. They do offer a corkage fee but we picked a bottle off the menu and enjoyed that. Other than the initial tasting from the first pour, no one bothered to come refill our glasses (wine or water)
23Food, Listed from best to worst below:
24Lobster Mashed potatoes - 4/5 This was probably the best dish we tasted. Although we were a little surprised at how watery and liquified the potatoes were, the taste was excellent. This would be a 5/5 dish had the consistency resembled mashed potatoes, rather than chowder. It was interesting that after reheating some leftovers the next day, the potatoes had potato-ey consistency again.9825896132dc69c4c2660ca669ad674d
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