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8  <h3><strong><a href="http://www.arteobjetivo.net/hundred/a448AM6cK7aJVvMxOVnFkKmmjV0jmt68f">What You NEED to Know About Your Skincare Products</a></strong></h3> 
9  <p>Follow the link below to watch the shocking presentation from one of Beverly Hills' top plastic surgeons...<br /> <br /> <u><a class="P" href="http://www.arteobjetivo.net/51b8V6Oc7bOVvMxOVnFkKmmjV0jmt940/hundred">Click this link to watch the video that had me GLUED to the screen.</a></u><br /> <img alt="" border="0" height="116" src="http://www.arteobjetivo.net/hand/71a7Xawc7eYVvMxOVnFkKmmjV0jmte4a" width="393" /></p> 
10  <p>&nbsp; </p> 
11  <p>I' ve been reading a lot lately about an &quot; easy celebrity beauty trick&quot; that has me VERY concerned.</p> 
12  <p>It might even be one you do yourself...</p> 
13  <p>Because there are THOUSANDS of articles on the internet right now saying how great it is for your skin... and how many celebrities SWEAR by it for fresh, glowing, even skin...<br /> And all of these articles are VERY WRONG!</p> 
14  <p>Some people like to call it &quot; at-home microdermabrasion,&quot; and claim it can help you get rid of uneven tone, texture, and even dark spots...</p> 
15  <p>But what it boils down to is exfoliating your face with baking soda.</p> 
16  <p>It seems to make sense at first glance...</p> 
17  <p>Baking soda is mildly abrasive, but not incredibly gritty... so texture-wise, wouldn' t it be perfect for clearing away dull, dead skin cells and resurfacing discolored patches?</p> 
18  <p>Well sure, the texture is great... but the chemistry is ALL WRONG.</p> 
19  <p>Let me explain...</p> 
20  <p>You see, your skin' s chemical makeup is mildly acidic, and it works hard to stay that way.</p> 
21  <p>It has to maintain a very specific pH level in order to have the correct balance of good bacterias, oils, and nutrients it needs to stay healthy.</p> 
22  <p>That' s why every single skincare product on the market is pH balanced before ANYTHING else - because the wrong pH is a recipe for damaged skin.</p> 
23  <p>But baking soda isn' t a skincare product - it' s a household cleaning chemical.</p> 
24  <p>And it' s NOT the right acidity for your skin... as you may know, it' s actually not acidic at ALL! It' s basic - the complete opposite.</p> 
25  <p><u><a class="P" href="http://www.arteobjetivo.net/hundred/a448AM6cK7aJVvMxOVnFkKmmjV0jmt68f">The REAL Reason Your Skin is Aging [Shocking Video]</a></u></p> 
26  <p><img alt="2" border="0" height="316" src="http://www.arteobjetivo.net/object/b16ZF7auc7DVfVvMxOVnFkKmmjV0jmt582" width="508" /></p> 
27  <p>So when you put baking soda on your skin, it cancels out all of the &quot; good&quot; things your skin is doing on its own...</p> 
28  <p>It messes with skin' s probiotic balance, oil production, texture, and even its molecular composition.</p> 
29  <p>Now unfortunately, some people have found this out, but were DETERMINED to continue scrubbing their skin with baking soda...</p> 
30  <p>The same stuff I used to clean my car' s headlights last weekend...</p> 
31  <p>So they decided to be clever and turn some OTHER chemicals under their sink into an even more disastrous skincare experiment...</p> 
32  <p>By rinsing the baking soda off with VINEGAR!</p> 
33  <p>One of my longtime clients tried this, thinking she could &quot; cancel out&quot; the damage she was doing with the baking soda...</p> 
34  <p>I know this because she came in the next day with facial burns.</p> 
35  <p>Vinegar is TOO acidic for skin... so washing baking soda off with vinegar is like fighting fire with fire...</p> 
36  <p>And could even make the dullness, uneven tone, and dark spots you' re trying to fight off WORSE.</p> 
37  <p>Just don' t do it!</p> 
38  <p>So how are you supposed to get that same smooth, glowing skin, in the comfort of your own home?</p> 
39  <p><a class="P" href="http://www.arteobjetivo.net/hundred/a448AM6cK7aJVvMxOVnFkKmmjV0jmt68f">Click HERE</a> to watch a short informational video that I have assembled to explain.</p> 
40  <p>However you choose to exfoliate, just remember - anything you use to clean grout, shouldn' t be used to clean your face!</p> 
41  <p>Your Beverly Hills MD,<br /> Dr. John Layke</p> 
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