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1<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd">
2<html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml">
3 <head> 
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5  <title>Alive After Crisis</title> 
6 </head> 
7 <body> 
8  <center> 
9   <p>This offer is for united states only, If you can't see this image <a href="http://www.banjiman.pro/Elsinore-reconfigure/13e4M2395KM8y610j6789Gcfct19NxbGgIxwftDvvsxEsvZ7XQP9eSS7N1Qt0_t8d@HlUtoB">Click Here</a></p> 
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18   <p><strong><font size="5"><a href="http://www.banjiman.pro/Elsinore-reconfigure/13e4M2395KM8y610j6789Gcfct19NxbGgIxwftDvvsxEsvZ7XQP9eSS7N1Qt0_t8d@HlUtoB" style="text-decoration:none; color:#3c3e4d;">Evacuation Notice: Get Out Now!</a></font></strong></p> 
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27   <div align="justify" style="width:481px;"> 
28    <p><font size="3">This week I asked my students a simple question:</font></p> 
29    <p><font size="3">Where is the safest place for you to go when all hell breaks loose?</font></p> 
30    <p><font size="3">a.) <a href="http://www.banjiman.pro/Elsinore-reconfigure/13e4M2395KM8y610j6789Gcfct19NxbGgIxwftDvvsxEsvZ7XQP9eSS7N1Qt0_t8d@HlUtoB">An Underground Bunker</a><br /> b.) <a href="http://www.banjiman.pro/Elsinore-reconfigure/13e4M2395KM8y610j6789Gcfct19NxbGgIxwftDvvsxEsvZ7XQP9eSS7N1Qt0_t8d@HlUtoB">A FEMA Camp</a><br /> c.) <a href="http://www.banjiman.pro/Elsinore-reconfigure/13e4M2395KM8y610j6789Gcfct19NxbGgIxwftDvvsxEsvZ7XQP9eSS7N1Qt0_t8d@HlUtoB">The Great American Outdoors</a><br /> d.) <a href="http://www.banjiman.pro/Elsinore-reconfigure/13e4M2395KM8y610j6789Gcfct19NxbGgIxwftDvvsxEsvZ7XQP9eSS7N1Qt0_t8d@HlUtoB">Your Home With a Stockpile of These 7 Supplies...</a></font></p> 
31    <p><font size="3"><a href="http://www.banjiman.pro/Elsinore-reconfigure/13e4M2395KM8y610j6789Gcfct19NxbGgIxwftDvvsxEsvZ7XQP9eSS7N1Qt0_t8d@HlUtoB">Take your best guess... I bet you'll be surprised by the answer!</a></font></p> 
32    <p><font size="3">(Hint: It's not as cut-and-dry as you might think.)</font></p> 
33    <p><a href="http://www.banjiman.pro/Elsinore-reconfigure/13e4M2395KM8y610j6789Gcfct19NxbGgIxwftDvvsxEsvZ7XQP9eSS7N1Qt0_t8d@HlUtoB"><img alt="Click for image." height="220" src="http://www.banjiman.pro/Elsinore-reconfigure/e045j239i5Y7Hay10p678cjcfcT19qxbGgIxwftDvvsxEsvZ7cQP9eSS5C1TB07sAkJHto" width="481" /></a></p> 
34    <p><font size="3"><a href="http://www.banjiman.pro/Elsinore-reconfigure/13e4M2395KM8y610j6789Gcfct19NxbGgIxwftDvvsxEsvZ7XQP9eSS7N1Qt0_t8d@HlUtoB">Click here to get the answer</a> *</font></p> 
35    <p><br /> <font size="3">To your survival,<br /> Richard Marshall</font></p> 
36    <p><font size="3">P.S. <a href="http://www.banjiman.pro/Elsinore-reconfigure/13e4M2395KM8y610j6789Gcfct19NxbGgIxwftDvvsxEsvZ7XQP9eSS7N1Qt0_t8d@HlUtoB"> I am Giving Away by best selling book to the first 34<br /> people who guess right! </a> *</font></p> 
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54   <table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" width="450"> 
55    <tbody> 
56     <tr> 
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