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  • docs/project/release_manager_guide.pod

    107107=item g 
    109 Run C<perl tools/dev/pbc_header.pl --upd t/native_pbc/*.pbc> 
     109Coordinate 4-5 platforms to run C<tools/dev/mk_native_pbc> 
     110to update the native tests. Esp. when the PBC freeze state changed,  
     111when the tests fail. This happens quite frequently. 
     112You'd need 32-bit and 64-bit, little-endian and big-endian platforms. 
     113linux-gcc x86_64 or solaris, plus and darwin/ppc and irix are usually enough. 
     114C<svn commit> the changed F<t/native_pbc/*.pbc> files. 
     116If not possible, run at least  
     117C<perl tools/dev/pbc_header.pl --upd t/native_pbc/*.pbc> 
    110118to update version and fingerprint in the native tests. 
    111120Please check with C<prove t/native_pbc/*.t>. 
    113 NOTE: Due to frequent PBC changes, these tests are currently skipped. 
    115122=item h 
    117124Make sure everything works: