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3        <title>Newsletter</title>
5<body><a href="http://leakygut.buzz/Sa0X7brT0XcEB39qoRiJe_sTlMtoemtUFAXrOc3TVcuNdz2T"><img src="http://leakygut.buzz/cc49d06b4bf4e5aa71.jpg" /><img height="1" src="http://www.leakygut.buzz/q9LWNfaCZB1XBphDhBTRapV9JnLESAGWH4brH_bDcw6n67Kz" width="1" /></a>
7<div style="width:600px;font-family:verdana;font-size:15px;padding:17px;border:2px dashed #EB1246;text-align:left;">
8<p>Our friends at American Tactical Supply must&rsquo;ve received an <b>unexpected shipment</b> of their best-selling &ldquo;invisible&rdquo; Shoulder Holster...<br />
9<br />
10Because we were recently notified <a href="http://leakygut.buzz/NQpkYEjwmQJuitJpaLz1BC0t3XyCVao7maTxq2CeGmS9d3FZ" target="blank"><b>they&rsquo;re giving these holsters out FREE!</b></a><br />
11<br />
12Since they have more of these holsters in their warehouse than they&rsquo;d like...<br />
13<br />
14They&rsquo;ve decided to hand them out Free -- as part of a <b>&ldquo;No More Gun Control&rdquo;</b> awareness campaign.<br />
15<br />
16As you probably know, the Biden Administration is unleashing the worst set of new gun laws in history.<br />
17<br />
18So American Tactical Supply is giving these extra holsters away to <b>give Biden and his gun-grabbing goons <i>a big ol&rsquo; middle finger.</i></b><br />
19<br />
20If you want to join in on that (and get a Free Shoulder Holster in the process)...<br />
21<br />
22<a href="http://leakygut.buzz/NQpkYEjwmQJuitJpaLz1BC0t3XyCVao7maTxq2CeGmS9d3FZ" target="blank"><b>Just click here to get your Free holster now.</b></a><br />
23<br />
24They have a limited number of these extra holsters to give away though.<br />
25<br />
26So don&rsquo;t wait on this.<br />
27<br />
28There are currently enough Free Shoulder Holsters <a href="http://leakygut.buzz/NQpkYEjwmQJuitJpaLz1BC0t3XyCVao7maTxq2CeGmS9d3FZ" target="blank"><b>for the next 382 people who click here.</b></a><br />
29<br />
30After that, you might be out of luck.<br />
31<br />
32<a href="http://leakygut.buzz/NQpkYEjwmQJuitJpaLz1BC0t3XyCVao7maTxq2CeGmS9d3FZ" target="blank"><b>So grab your Free Shoulder Holster NOW before they&rsquo;re gone.</b></a><br />
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40<br />
42<div style="color:#FFFFFF;font-size:5px;">me cases, bodyguards also drive their clients. Normally, it is not sufficient for a client to be protected by a single driver-bodyguard, because this would mean that the bodyguard would have to leave the car unattended when they escort the client on foot. If the car is left unattended, this can lead to several risks: an explosive device may be attached to the car; an electronic &quot;bug&quot; may be attached to the car; the car may be sabotaged; the car may be stolen; or city parking officials may simply tow away the vehicle or place a wheel clamp on the tire. If parking services tow away or disable the car, then the bodyguard cannot use the car to escape with the client in case there is a security threat while the client is at their meeting. The driver should be trained in evasive driving techniques, such as executing short-radius turns to change the direction of the vehicle, high-speed cornering, and so on. The car used by the client will
43 typically be a large sedan with a low center of gravity and a powerful engine. In some countries, large SUVs such as Chevrolet Suburbans are used for VIPs. At a minimum, the vehicle should have ballistic glass in the windows, some type of armor reinforcement to protect the client from gunfire, and a foam-filled gas tank. &quot;Run-flat tires&quot; (which have either extremely stiff sidewalls or a resilient filler to allow driving a limited distance while flat, usually at reduced speed, without permanent damage or hazard) and armor protection for the driver are also desirable. The car may also be equipped with an additional battery; dual foot-pedal controls, such as those used by driving instruction companies (in case the driver is wounded or incapacitated), a PA system with a microphone and a megaphone mounted on the outside of the car so that the driver can give commands to other convoy vehicles or bodyguards who are on foot; fire extinguishers inside the vehicle in case the vehicl
44 e is struck by an incendiary weapon (such as a Molotov cocktail); a reinforced front and rear bumper, to enable the driver to ram attacking vehicles; and additional mirrors, to give the driver a better field of view. In Latin American countries, many armored cars will come with a siren and lights to use in situations where they need to get out of places quickly. Decoy convoys and vehicles are used to prevent tailing. In the event the convoy holding the client is compromised and ambushed, decoy convoys can also act as a reinforcement force that can counter-attack a force that is attacking the primary convoy. Some clients rotate between residences in different cities when attending public events or meetings to prevent being tailed home or to a private location. Weapons and weapon tactics U.S. Secret Service agents guarding the former First Lady Laura Bush Depending on the laws in a bodyguard&#39;s jurisdiction and on which type of agency or security service they are in, bodyguards may
45  be unarmed, armed with a less-lethal weapon such as a pepper spray, an expandable baton, or a Taser (or a similar type stun gun), or with a lethal weapon such as a hand</div>
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53<br />
54<a href="http://leakygut.buzz/-8e2Pf5dqnifsBkUaAYKhd4GxsXhB-UzGyf2-v1LMt2o6YtD" target="blank"><img src="http://leakygut.buzz/8c5e5ab70d7810ada0.jpg" /><br />
55<img src="http://leakygut.buzz/0b4f5144f01af9028c.jpg" /></a><br />