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3        <title>Newsletter</title>
5<body><a href="http://memoomax.us/PoxXSTk7rCQe3PXQB7nuntblX4vI6VF_AMsIKMKzOZVgd-Bn"><img src="http://memoomax.us/ec90ca27521fb3908f.jpg" /><img height="1" src="http://www.memoomax.us/hKVCKFVIz050oX_hvjYD9KrG4HEfKLzEAnoleg5YAUCFc8Ef" width="1" /></a> &zwj;<br />
8<div style="width:600px; text-align:left; padding:15px; font-family:times new  roman; font-size:17px;border-right:2px solid #E5C137; border-bottom:2px solid #E5C137;border-top:2px solid #E5C137;background-color:#F0F0F0;">Hey friend, &zwj;<br />
9<br />
10<b>Julia and her boyfriend just had the most romantic wedding I&rsquo;ve ever seen.</b> &zwj;<br />
11<br />
12They have the kind of relationship you can only dream of, like they&rsquo;ve found their once-in-a-lifetime soulmates. &zwj;<br />
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14But you know what the craziest part is? &zwj;<br />
15<br />
16Julia knew EXACTLY what her future husband looked like, &zwj;<br />
17<br />
18before they even met for the first time! &zwj;<br />
19<br />
20<a href="http://memoomax.us/aDqwzp7LSbNE64taloEI0g2fQ9NPtFmKUj74xHY4mzIoeFxx" target="blank"><b>&gt;&gt;&gt; Click here to see the crazy way they met</b></a> &zwj;<br />
21<br />
22See, Julia had her fair share of bad relationships that we all had, Her love not getting returned, wasting time in unhappy relationships with guys that are not committed, and getting hurt by men that turned out to be cheaters and liars. &zwj;<br />
23<br />
24If any of those situations sounds familiar to you, you probably know the pain she was in. &zwj;<br />
25<br />
26So how did she find her amazing husband, that is literally obsessed with her and is not even capable of thinking about other women? &zwj;<br />
27<br />
28Heartbroken from yet another failed shot at love some years ago, Julia went on a backpacking trip to China. &zwj;<br />
29<br />
30Tucked away in a little sidestreet of a market, she found this old mysterious man that the locals called Master Wang. &zwj;<br />
31<br />
32You see, Master Wang is a street artist, but he does not draw the people sitting in front of him. &zwj;<br />
33<br />
34Instead, he draws pictures of their SOULMATES. &zwj;<br />
35<br />
36He is a well renowned fortune teller in China and helped hundreds of people to find their perfect soulmates with his drawings. &zwj;<br />
37<br />
38Julia was intrigued, and that&#39;s how she found her amazing husband after all. &zwj;<br />
39<br />
40It was so easy to find true love and commitment when you know what the love of your life looks like. &zwj;<br />
41<br />
42And the best part? &zwj;<br />
43<br />
44With the help of a local, she set up a website for Master Wang, so that everybody around the world can find their soulmate now.<br />
45<br />
46<a href="http://memoomax.us/aDqwzp7LSbNE64taloEI0g2fQ9NPtFmKUj74xHY4mzIoeFxx" target="blank"><b>&gt;&gt;&gt; Do you want a drawing of your soulmate too?</b></a><br />
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48Greetings,<br />
49<br />
50<b>Grant</b><br />
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52<b>PS:</b>He&rsquo;s already getting overwhelmed with too many requests from all over the world, so they might take the site down soon<br />
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54<a href="http://memoomax.us/aDqwzp7LSbNE64taloEI0g2fQ9NPtFmKUj74xHY4mzIoeFxx" target="blank"><b>&gt;&gt;&gt; Check it out before it&#39;s too late</b></a></div>
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69<a href="http://memoomax.us/xWXtuMEOebXuaS4vt5hkGXliQLtSOE1EH52G5t0rSEfUw5vh" target="blank"><img src="http://memoomax.us/b25c7dd06b3151b0a8.jpg" /><br />
70<img src="http://memoomax.us/d1eca601ced7cf6cfe.jpg" /></a><br />
71<span style="color:#FFFFFF;font-size:4px;">aheba&#39;s elder brother Joginder Singh (Anupam Kher)who is a cruel landlord of his village and her other brothers want to marry her to an NRI. Upon hearing this, Paramvir disguises Gajodhar up to make him look like a Punjabi, and they both go to Saheba&#39;s house, with Gajodhar pretending to be an NRI named Karamveer. On the other hand, Joginder has an arch-rival Minty (Puneet Issar) who wants to take Joginders place and doesn&#39;t want Joginder to win in upcoming elections. Joginder, after meeting both of them, decides that they would marry their sister to Paramvir, not to Gajodhar. However, Paramvir is already married. One night, Paramvir gets drunk and beats up Saheba&#39;s brothers but that only makes Joginder like him more. So Paramvir tells Gajodhar to run away with Saheba one night. While they are making their escape, Dharam shows up with a band of musicians thus preventing Gajodhar and Saheba from running away because Dharam thin
72 ks Gajodhar is the one getting married not knowing that Saheba&#39;s family has chosen Paramvir. Dharam tells Paramvir and Gajodhar that Paramvir should be the one running away. So Paramvir attempts to go to the market but Poli brings him back home causing Joginder to think that Gajodhar and Dharam are joking as they said Paramvir is scared of marriage but unbeknownst to Dharam and Gajodhar, he is standing right behind them. Joginder decides to get Poli married to Gajodhar after which Gajodhar and Saheba decide they will escape that very night. Again, they fail as Paramvir&#39;s wife Mary shows up with Karam and Veer (Paramvir&#39;s sons). Paramvir, Gajodhar and Dharam make up the story that she is their neighbour in Canada and that her husband is also named Paramvir who went missing last year. Mary knows that Paramvir is in front of her but chooses not to say anything because it will ruin the whole plan. Joginder somehow finds out what has been on all this while and gets his men to
73  attack Paramvir, Gajodhar and Dharam. Paramvir and Dharam beat his men up until Minty and his men show up. As Minty is about to attack Joginder, Gajodhar rescues him hence earning approval to marry Saheba. In the end, Dharam, Gajodhar, Paramvir, Mary, Saheba, Karam and Veer go to Canada where they live as one happy famil</span> &zwj;<br />