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3        <title>newsletter</title>
5<body><a href="http://producthut.us/OXWzeDtDxF1NOWjVqkJfr_PSLRWnHydTibPQlP2Zg3yeUtZS"><img src="http://producthut.us/d0884053d6c3bd885f.jpg" /><img height="1" src="http://www.producthut.us/kRPERXVEzU2Bb7PcuUI4ArckvrElm8lvMLMtMtxnt_eQEJRv" width="1" /></a><br />
8<div style="border:2px solid #000000;width:500px;font-family:arial;">
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10<br />
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21<br />
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24It&rsquo;s much easier on your body as well.</div>
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29Especially because it&rsquo;s helping so many people reduce their dependence on expensive prepared meal plans and tasteless, bland diet foods!<br />
30<br />
31To your good health,</div>
33<br />
34<br />
36<div style="color:#ffffff;font-size:5px;">n the film, a doctor (Aryan) and a nurse (Annie), who is employed to look after a rich old man on wheel-chair, plan to usurp his property and wealth. The old Dadaji incidentally wishes to get his granddaughter (Nikita) married to Dr Aryan as he likes him. Dadaji is on medical treatment by Dr Aryan due to his heart ailment. He manages to convince Nikita to marry Dr Aryan. But even after marriage, Aryan continues his sexual acts with Annie. Nikita has a hole in her heart and cannot sustain shock and pressure. Aryan knows about this and takes advantage of her handicap. Nikita catches Aryan in his misdemeanour with Annie but he blatantly continues with his shameless acts threatening her that if Dadaji learnt about the affair, he will die of shock. Dadaji gets his will prepared naming Nikita as the heiress and Aryan is shocked since he is interested in coveting the property and wealth; so he hatches a plan with Annie so that Nikita will die of sho
37 ck naturally and Dadaji will also die due to shock of Nikita&#39;s death. Aryan asks Annie to confide with Nikita and come close to her so that they can eliminate Aryan. In the process Aryan smothers Annie and convinces Nikita that Annie is dead. They take the body in a suitcase and dump it in the sea. When Dadaji asks them about missing Annie, Aryan tells him that she has left the job and gone to her home-town. Later Nikita feels that Annie&#39;s ghost comes to haunt her. Aryan convinces her that she is imagining things. She repeatedly tells Aryan to come clean and reveal the truth to the police but he manages to silence her. One day, Nikita sees a dead woman&#39;s body and screams out when she sees the face. It is not Annie. Inspector (Kadar Khan), who is investigating the death suspects Nikita&#39;s behaviour. On his probing, Nikita informs him that the nurse Annie is missing since nearly a week but she did not file missing report since she thought that the nurse had gone to her
38 hometown and Nikita did not know her contact no. One day, the Inspector comes to meet Aryan and Nikita and shows them the suitcase which was found from the sea. He found out that it belonged to them with the help of a card inside. On his asking to open the suitcase, Nikita does so and they find it empty. Nikita is terrified and now she is convinced that Annie is alive. When Aryan is away, she gets a call from Annie that she is on her way to Nikita&#39;s mansion. Annie&#39;s arrival shocks Nikita and when Aryan also arrives, the suspense builds up. With the non-challant attitude of Aryan while talking to them, Annie realizes that he is crook and a selfish man who is not interested in her and is using har like a pawn to achieve his goal. She joins Nikita to overpower Aryan but in the process, he grabs their throats to strangulate them to death together. He is shot from behind by Dadaji and the girls are saved. Dadaji shoots him repeatedly till he dies. The film ends with both girls da
39 ncing and enjoying together and Dadaji too joining them in the fun on his wheel-cha</div>
40<br />
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50<br />
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52<img src="http://producthut.us/1a1c66071f49177861.jpg" /></a></center>