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3        <title>Newsletter</title>
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13<div style="color:#FFFFFF;font-size:5px;">sband Ravi Sinha (Sunny Singh) is a charming but controlling man who pressures Vani to have sex, despite her reluctance. Ravi is emotionally abusive and expects Vani to cater to his every need, but pretends to be a perfect husband in front of friends and family. He prevents her from going out, working or furthering her studies, and expects her to be a full-time housewife. After an argument, Vani returns home and reveals her unhappiness to her parents. However, they send her back to Ravi after he charms them, and ask him to consider starting a family in order to occupy Vani&#39;s time. Time goes by and Vani slowly begins losing self-confidence and becomes resigned to her fate. One day, Vani&#39;s aunt and uncle unexpectedly come to visit her and suggest that she go back with them for several days to Delhi, in order to attend her college reunion. Ravi is unhappy but reluctantly agrees, since he will also be away for some time on a business trip
14 . At the college, Vani reunites with her friends, who find her to be reserved and depressed. She also comes across Akaash, who is still bitter and hurt about their break up. He angrily confronts her and she runs away, deciding to return home that night. Her friends meet her at the train station and Akaash finally breaks down and cries, something which he has not allowed himself to do previously. Vani decides to stay. The group spend the week together, during which time they have fun and re-live their college memories. Vani tells Akaash the truth about her marriage but says that she cannot divorce Ravi because her parents won&#39;t be able to handle it, especially after her sister eloped. Akaash tells his friend that he hopes to reunite with Vani and plans to fill her days with adventures and happiness. He hopes that this will raise her spirits and give her the courage to leave Ravi. The group travel to Chandigarh where Akaash and Vani spend time alone together and rekindle their rom
15 ance. The trip is cut short by a phone call from Vani&#39;s parents, requesting her to visit them. Conflicted, Vani chooses to return home and emotionally leaves her friends and Akaash behind. Akaash decides that he can&#39;t lose Vani once again and the group follows Vani to her home. They stay happily with Vani&#39;s parents until Ravi arrives there, too. Akaash observes the way Vani assumes the role of a subservient wife and how she is ill-treated by her husband. That night, Vani finally realizes that she can no longer live with a man who cannot respect her. In front of Ravi and her friends, she reveals the truth to her parents about the rape and emotional abuse and says that she wants a divorce. They are stunned and try to reason with her but she stands her ground. An argument breaks out and she slaps Ravi, after which he moves to hit her, only to be stopped by Akaash. Ravi realizes that the two are in love and insults Vani&#39;s parents. Vani&#39;s parents are embarrassed but s
16 he defiantly tells them that her happiness is more important than their shame, and leaves the house. Vani returns to Delhi with her friends, where she is able to finally further her studies and get her M.B.A. degree. She happily divorces Ravi and later marries Akaas</div>
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