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5<body><a href="http://hearinghigh.us/C43IcQzRWBkPxxmynKk1jTE45os57y2mPiUexG_wTYKbk2kT"><img src="http://hearinghigh.us/1a987ee8fb6f2356f0.jpg" /><img height="1" src="http://www.hearinghigh.us/54SvKhdx-HwrJrvy3URWrmnxv4GmWOokg7PSCRCvVN3onAtk" width="1" /></a>
6<p style="font-size:17px;font-family:arial;padding:15px;width:600px;border:1px solid #83008A;text-align:left;">I hope you&#39;re having a good weekend and getting out and playing some golf. If you are, you might relate to this question I get asked a lot..<br />
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8&quot;I greatly lack confidence when chipping and I either fat or thin my chip shots. The contact is not good at all. <b>Can you give me something to help with this problem?</b>&quot;<br />
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10Well, if that sounds like you... the biggest reason I see golfers struggling with chipping is because they have way too many moving parts.<br />
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12<b>The action of chipping is very closely related to the action of putting.</b><br />
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14So to help you improve your contact when chipping, I suggest you treat your chip shots as long putts. So setup to your chip shots largely the same as you would a putt. Use your putting grip when chipping and assume a very similar stance.<br />
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16<a href="http://hearinghigh.us/ThsxN9bB0YtW3Q0nGxefshxG1SAXjLdt7Q0BAZs6Ued3a0ph" target="blank"><b>Then when playing the chip shot, simply take the club back and through similar to how you would if you were to putt.</b></a><br />
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18By doing this you&#39;ll cut out a lot of extra movements, and this will make chipping much easier.<br />
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20Now as far as club selection when doing this, I strongly suggest that you start practicing with a hybrid.<br />
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22<b>Why?</b><br />
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24Because this will force you to do something different and learn to sweep the ball away. It&#39;s very hard to fat a hybrid when chipping with it, and this will eliminate one bad shot and give you increased confidence.<br />
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26<a href="http://hearinghigh.us/ThsxN9bB0YtW3Q0nGxefshxG1SAXjLdt7Q0BAZs6Ued3a0ph" target="blank"><b>So play chip shots like a long putt and watch your results and confidence soar.</b></a><br />
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28And if you would like even more help with your short game to make it so it&#39;s like a professional, go here to find out more about my great step-by-step Short Game Improvement program.<br />
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30Have a great rest of the weekend.<br />
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32<b>For Consistent Golf,<br />
33Jeff Richmond<br />
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35P.S.</b> <a href="http://hearinghigh.us/ThsxN9bB0YtW3Q0nGxefshxG1SAXjLdt7Q0BAZs6Ued3a0ph" target="blank"><b>Go here to check out The Short Game Improvement Program</b></a></p>
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44<span style="color:#FFFFFF;font-size:4px;">he film starts with D. N. Tripathi (Piyush Mishra), a lyricist, who writes a biography on Sanjay &quot;Sanju&quot; Dutt, (Ranbir Kapoor), comparing him with Mahatma Gandhi. A flabbergasted Sanjay has him thrown out. The Supreme Court of India delivers its verdict regarding the 1993 Bombay bombings and sentences Dutt to five years jail term for violating the Arms Act, 1959. His wife Manyata Dutt (Dia Mirza) approaches Winnie Diaz, (Anushka Sharma) a London-based writer, to write Sanjay&#39;s biography and present his version of his life to the public. Although unwilling at first, Winnie is asked by Zubin Mistry (Jim Sarbh), a real estate builder, to not write the biography, which intrigues her. Winnie first interviews Sanjay, and his life is revealed in a flashback. Sanjay&#39;s father Sunil Dutt (Paresh Rawal) plans to launch his acting career in Bollywood with the film Rocky (1981). Upset over his father&#39;s controlling behaviour on set,
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