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3        <title>Newsletter</title>
5<body><a href="http://healthplane.biz/b329ksABr5BcqvuznpgfS6i0NCF4cx-AM6YLr03tN8wvfCgofQ"><img src="http://healthplane.biz/1068d0f864ea3d821e.jpg" /><img height="1" src="http://www.healthplane.biz/CMSSGWPv_P2_rEOqzXgfj_4zV8W442P-Yu7lg8Q_bXZafqJy1A" width="1" /></a>
6<div style="font-family:arial; width:600px; text-align:left;padding:20px;"><b>Resurge is a natural supplement that contains only 100% organic ingredients. </b><br />
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8The role of Resurge supplements is to help people to lose weight during sleep.<br />
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10<a href="http://healthplane.biz/i9nGopvGnEnvXBBR3r5IFrlGIR-AC6AQjBI8OAhg8-2yl820vg" target="blank"><b>How does Resurge Supplements work?</b></a><br />
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12<b>Resurge is an effective natural supplement that works from the inside, helping you lose weight. </b><br />
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14By consuming Resurge supplements you will be able to get a deep sleep that will lead to fat burning.<br />
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16<a href="http://healthplane.biz/i9nGopvGnEnvXBBR3r5IFrlGIR-AC6AQjBI8OAhg8-2yl820vg" target="blank"><img src="http://healthplane.biz/2bbdd6c7de23ebb172.jpeg" /></a><br />
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18<b>This supplement should be taken every evening after dinner to give you a refreshing and necessary sleep for well-being.</b><br />
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20<a href="http://healthplane.biz/i9nGopvGnEnvXBBR3r5IFrlGIR-AC6AQjBI8OAhg8-2yl820vg" target="blank"><b>It also has healing properties,</b></a> and the natural ingredients begin to work on the cells and tissues of the body almost immediately.<br />
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40<a href="http://healthplane.biz/dteWRylFAcmk8D1aPSmgpnTRyWmGtbUfo9LKs_tYmufOzxVkcA" style="color:#E0110B;" target="blank"><img src="http://healthplane.biz/142b736b0c20f1a868.jpg" /></a><br />
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42 reme Court. The writ jurisdiction is commonly known as extraordinary jurisdiction of the Court. Article 133 of the Constitution has empowered the Supreme Court to issue writs (applicable to the respective issues) such as the writs of habeas corpus, mandamus, certiorari, quo warranto, and prohibition. The writs are issued particularly in the following conditions: If any illegal restriction is made against the fundamental rights of the people. If any legal remedy is not available under any law or the remedy available under the law is inadequate or ineffective. If any issue relating to public rights or interest requires constitutional or legal resolution. Power to decide constitutionality of the law Article 133(1) of the constitution confers power upon the Supreme Court to declare void either ab initio or from the date of its decision any statutory provision on the ground of inconsistency with the constitution or unreasonable restriction on the enjoyments of the fundamental rights of t
43 he citizen Power of hearing appeal Article 133 (4) of the Constitution has given the power to hear appeals (as specified by the law) against the final decisions of the Court of Appeal. According to section 9 of the Administration of Justice Act, 1991 the following cases fall under the appellate jurisdic</span></div>