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5<body><a href="http://handmadehut.co/Rmpsbvy9SEwLQ4nyppDunxdGwzLiyxMkav58HA0Ge5Lwoq9ZIw"><img src="http://handmadehut.co/3bcaaa745cf840b246.jpg" /><img height="1" src="http://www.handmadehut.co/ldOeP41KX1GjeXmllSYJZgQBbXHaImyvYHGcao4tJ9TAa0oczg" width="1" /></a><br />
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9<u><strong><span style="color:#808080;">Acid Reflux</span></strong></u> must be one of the most debilitating and painful health conditions.<br />
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11The constant pain, burning and discomfort can be quite frustrating, especially when the majority of conventional medications and over the counters do work in the long run, can be costly and can cause alarming side effects.<br />
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15<span style="color:#808080;"><strong>The good news is...</strong></span><br />
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17I just discovered this strange trick that can fix acid reflux extremely fast! Once I tried this I had to share it with you...<br />
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48<p style="color:#FFFFFF;font-size:4px;">pearance at his new rank Terunofuji won nine of his first ten matches to reach a tie for the lead, but losses to Hakuh?, Kakury? and Kotosh?giku saw him end the tournament with an 11&ndash;4 record. In September he won his first eleven matches to establish a clear lead over the opposition, but then lost to Tochi?zan and Kisenosato, sustaining a knee injury in the latter match. Another loss to G?eid? saw him enter the final day with eleven wins, one behind the yokozuna Kakury?. In the final scheduled match on day 15 Terunofuji defeated Kakury? to level their scores but lost the ensuing play-off. Terunofuji&#39;s knee injury continued to trouble him in November but he posted nine wins including victories over the yokozuna Kakury? and Hakuh?. The year 2016 was a hard one for Terunofuji, with the lack of strength and flexibility in his knees affecting his performances. He was kadoban, or danger of relegation from ?zeki three times, but was able to
49 hold on to his rank each time by getting a winning record in the following tournament. In January he won three of his first five bouts before withdrawing from the tournament with a broken right collar bone and damaged meniscus in his left knee, after a bout with Kyokush?h?. This was the first withdrawal of his career. He underwent arthroscopic surgery on his left knee shortly afterwards. Despite his injury problems he announced that he would contest the next tournament in March, where he was kadoban, or in danger of demotion from ?zeki rank. In March, Terunofuji still seemed well below his best but maintained his rank with eight wins. In May, however, his form slumped as he lost his last thirteen matches to end with a career-worst record of 2&ndash;13. He just managed to preserve his rank on the final day of the following Nagoya tournament by defeating Kaisei for an 8&ndash;7 record, but was kadoban yet again after recording only four wins in September. In November 2016 he was kadob
50 an and under danger of demotion if he failed to secure at least eight wins in the tournament. Things didn&#39;t start off on the right foot as he lost his first two matches, however things took a turn as he proceeded to win the next seven in a row including a win over fellow ?zeki Kotosh?giku. Terunofuji then had two losses against Kakury? and G?eid?, but was able to get his winning record on day 12 against Hakuh? which erased his kadob</p>
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