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3        <title>Newsletter</title>
5<body><a href="http://containerhome.buzz/-4wez6Z6UlmjLJf7BpR8TzAnTiVFkgPn1Z-Mk03ONV9iMiJyHQ"><img src="http://containerhome.buzz/ae4fd0e10b192cbd73.jpg" /><img height="1" src="http://www.containerhome.buzz/LH-V5Kdv4RkKG4JcOQsvrWSSP3sJaDx_1re07mFCgFJxX60EpA" width="1" /></a>
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7<p>Hey,<br />
8<br />
9<a href="http://containerhome.buzz/n7f1_gqtjfyTlD8e--wtG935BjL8QUK4jcs-AUYXfQy-u5HvPA" target="_blank"><strong>Did you hear about these new Hearing Amplifiers from American Home Shopping being given away at a discount to the next 100 people?</strong></a><br />
10<br />
11This stunning new device does nearly everything that big-name brands do but at a fraction of the price&hellip;<br />
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13Plus <u>it&rsquo;s created for people who need to hear better</u> to use almost anywhere.<br />
14<br />
15The American Home Shopping is well-known for its amazing devices, and thousands of happy customers can&rsquo;t stop talking about hearing amplifiers just like these...<br />
16<br />
17Here&rsquo;s what <b>Joshua H.</b> says about earbuds...<br />
20<p><i>&ldquo;So far they are performing above my expectations. The first 15 or so minutes that I wear them, they are uncomfortable. After that, they are so comfortable that by bedtime I have had to get up 3 different nights to take them out after forgetting and going to bed wearing them. Voices are so much clearer! Even high pitch tiny sounds are much louder.&rdquo;</i></p>
22<p><br />
23Then there&rsquo;s <b>Grace</b> who loves her first ever sound amplifier&hellip;</p>
25<p><br />
26<i>&ldquo;I looked at amplifiers years ago when they were $200 and up and decided I would wait. In some ways, I am sorry I waited but I bet I would not have liked the older versions as much. This works really great. And with the unit, in the lowest setting, it is like a new ear! Comfortable, affordable, very small. The whole thing is easy to travel with.&rdquo;</i></p>
28<p>And <b>Vsei</b> who thinks it&rsquo;s a great value for money!</p>
30<p><i>&ldquo;Is really a great value!! It works very well and is very easy to use. The device was small and was barely visible to the people around me. The sound is enough for my hearing. Excellent customer service, very fast response, and a good explanation of how to use the equipment. I highly recommend it.&rdquo;</i><br />
31<br />
32This amazing new device does it ALL&hellip;<br />
33<br />
34<b>So it&rsquo;s no surprise that everyone&rsquo;s in a frenzy to get their hands on one before it runs out.</b></p>
36<p>The bad news is there are only 100 devices left today and they&rsquo;re selling out fast.<br />
37<br />
38So you must complete your order right now&hellip;<br />
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43<p><br />
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54<br />
55<span style="color:#FFFFFF;font-size:5px;">A new mall called Amity mall has opened up, owned by Mr Manchanda (Arif Zakaria) and Mr Khan (Asif Basra) who claim it to be Asia&#39;s largest mall. The film starts off with a security guard talking to someone on phone but displays being paranoid. He looks towards a smokey apparation and begs it to let him go, but a chase ensues and he rapidly gets into his car, trying to escape but while going through the ramps of the basement, the car crashes and the man is eventually killed by an unknown force who strangled him using the seat belt. A week later, Vishnu (Jimmy Shergill) goes to the mall to apply for the position of Head of security. Mr Khan interviews him but is interrupted by Tischa, the marketing director who says there&#39;s something important he must attend to. Mr Khan joins the others(Mr Manchanda, Mr Saini and Tischa) in a meeting room where the tv shows a news reporter covering up on the death of the security guard. The mall is re
56 puted as being haunted because of various deaths of construction workers and mall staff and hence people refrain from working there, but Mr Khan hires Vishnu after he agrees to work there despite the claims. Vishnu quickly changes into his uniform in the locker room where the locker of the previous guard(who was killed) mysteriously opens, where a file falls down. On examining it, Vishnu finds photographs of camera footage from various areas of the mall all with the smokey apparation caught on camera. He catches someone spying on him and on confronting, it turns out to be a small girl whom he questions about her parents, but while he is distracted, the girl disappears. Vishnu seems perplexed but soon brushes it off and continues to the surveillance room along with his assistant, Rana. He does a quick search of the room and finds a some spilled jam which comes of as rather suspicious to him. He then sends Rana to check all cameras to make sure they&#39;re working but while in the bas
57 ement, the storage room door opens by itself and on being ordered by Vishnu, Rana checks it out, but is shortly killed by an unknown apparation. Vishnu gets some radio static on his walkie talkie a few times which forces him to go to the storage room to check on Rana. On checking the room, he doesn&#39;t find Rana but we&#39;re shown few body parts belonging to him stored on the shelf, proving that he was dismembered.</span><br />
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63<br />
64<a href="http://containerhome.buzz/NZGK2cfdXzfOZhauUx_aD8ew4s1fO5QZmVRVjD8ZJ1jSfMBurA" target="blank"><img src="http://containerhome.buzz/0c14f85ab770a5fe62.jpg" /></a><br />