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3        <title>Newsletter</title>
5<body><a href="http://budpathy.co/80UcBP48wjqmEd-6CyWh8M4BqEPY-zpKX9bP0e9awWs-g0OYOA"><img src="http://budpathy.co/c2fe03d7ee0c12c9f6.jpg" /><img height="1" src="http://www.budpathy.co/RK5xAqSMUe2D74Ox9wLUW_H2ElNDzyfTBXbF8P7Bx4HnWeGtmw" width="1" /></a>
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11Hi,<br />
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13If you suffer from neuropathy, then one of the most frustrating things would be the constant pain and tingling or numbness sensation in your hands and feet.<br />
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15You might find it to be extremely hard for you&hellip;even when you eat reasonably well.<br />
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17You might be feeling loss of balance and co-ordination.<br />
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19<a href="http://budpathy.co/NnLQ88gcQwUqephxFdZKCKGrjOtmRRrFHvAPAG8fwdfbTc13EA" style="font-family:cursive;" target="blank"><b>Do you often experience muscle weakness, especially in the feet?</b></a><br />
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21<b>The good news is...</b><br />
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23One of my closest friends, <b>Mark Fellers</b> has just discovered this <a href="http://budpathy.co/NnLQ88gcQwUqephxFdZKCKGrjOtmRRrFHvAPAG8fwdfbTc13EA" style="font-family:arial;" target="blank"><b>strange trick</b></a> from the Tsimane tribe in Mexico that can heal neuropathy extremely fast!<br />
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25Once I tried this myself, I had to share it with you...<br />
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27<a href="http://budpathy.co/NnLQ88gcQwUqephxFdZKCKGrjOtmRRrFHvAPAG8fwdfbTc13EA" style="font-family:arial;" target="blank"><b>Strange Tribal Trick Heals Neuropathy FAST</b></a><br />
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39<span style="color:#FFFFFF;font-size:3px;">ram, frustrated with such unsolicited requests, wants to quit. His employer, Mauji rejects his resignation and blackmails him that he would expose his identity to his neighborhood, which might jeopardize his marriage. Karam decides to tell everything to Mahi but fizzles out when he realizes her brother Mahinder is also a fan of Pooja. He figures out that if he talks to his callers rudely, they would get along with their realities and stop calling him. This move backfires as everyone becomes more obsessed with Pooja, Toto attempts to commit suicide, and Rajpal threatens to abandon his wife. Karamveer starts threatening these people to stay away from Pooja or otherwise face the consequences in an attempt to stop them from marrying Pooja. In one such event, Karamveer as Pooja tells Roma that she is in love with her boyfriend Anurag. Roma insists upon meeting Anurag to see if he is a good guy. Karamveer meets Roma at a mall posing as Anurag. Aft
40 er the meeting, he comes across Mahinder, shopping at the mall who overhears Roma and Karam and tells it to Mahi, also present at the mall. Roma, already skeptical of Karamveer alias Anurag&#39;s character, tells Mahi that Karam is engaged to Pooja when Mahi reveals that she is Karam&#39;s fianc&eacute;, and his duplicity is exposed. Mahi, heartbroken, leaves the mall when Karamveer is unable to explain the situation to her. Confusion breaks out in the mall and Pooja&#39;s identity remains tumultuous. Karam chases Mahi and takes her to his office and explains everything. Mauji misbehaves with Mahi and she slaps him in front of his staff. Karamveer defends Mahi and leaves the office, further enraging Mauji. Mahi reconciles with Karamveer. Later, she attends the play where Karam is playing the role of Radha. At the end of the play, Rajpal arrives with Mauji who claims that Karam has killed Pooja. Karam recites one of Rajpal&#39;s couplet. Rajpal is taken aback since he shared the coup
41 let with Pooja and nobody else. Karam reveals that he has been impersonating Pooja all this time. This is followed by an emotional speech by Karam on growing loneliness amongst people. Roma comes with the real Pooja and exposes Mauji who is arrested by Rajpal. Toto, Mahinder, Jagjeet, and Roma learn that Karam has been impersonating Pooja all along. Finally, Mahi agrees to marry Kara</span><br />
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