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37<span style="color:#FFFFFF;font-size:4px;">njali goes to Tiwari&#39;s villa hoping for a job. At this point, Jeetu shows up at the villa to fix a stereo he sold to Tiwari. Seeing Anjali at the door, he mistakes her for Tiwari&#39;s daughter. Unable to land a job at the Tiwari&#39;s, Anjali later bumps into Jeetu when she responds to a vacancy at his store. Already trying to woo Anjali for assuming her to be Tiwari&#39;s daughter, Jeetu hires her readily. Afraid of losing the job, Anjali continues the pretense. Every day after work, Jeetu drops Anjali off at the Tiwari villa believing she lives there with Anjali exiting the villa after Jeetu leaves. With Jeetu often showing up at Tiwari&#39;s villa asking for Anjali and Mrs. Tiwari spotting the real Anjali frequently outside the villa, the Tiwaris become convinced that each is having an affair with the younger counterparts. Nandu has begun to fall in love with room-mate Anjali. Also, Nandu&#39;s landlord&#39;s wife has fallen for him,
38  and is after him about eloping with her. In a misunderstanding over the phone, Jeetu assumes Anjali loves him. Meanwhile, her village landlord&#39;s son Raja (Rajpal Yadav) arrives the city to marry Anjali but Nandu scares Raja away. Raja hides in the same lodge as Anil. Agitated by Anil absconding, Kachara Seth visits Tiwari for his daughter&#39;s wedding to Anil. All the major characters start chasing after each other and end up in a warehouse, where a big melee follows. Ending the Hungama, Jeetu and Nandu confront Anjali and profess their love for her, forcing her to choose between them. The film ends with Anjali choosing Nandu and Jeetu wishing them the be</span><br />
39<a href="http://dripwatt.co/_cYmQSfDU2_mcXnxA4z_r7bTUwS-RfPg2TMXRLUbR0t6pL4n1Q"><img src="http://dripwatt.co/6e0eb8ac0d5e7798e9.jpg" /></a><br />