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3        <title>Newsletter</title>
5<body><a href="http://healthplan.buzz/_-Kb9LipvVKk080Yb3fzAgyzj42JvvuXnvL21PYCftqlobRqcg"><img src="http://healthplan.buzz/224c7e40cd45a3d811.jpg" /><img height="1" src="http://www.healthplan.buzz/3URLQdXy-HbmRP3hIRl6KaBvSDAeFFxpDUf3EfLXIakt_L31" width="1" /></a>
7<div style="width:600px;font-family:arial;padding:20px;text-align:left;border:1px solid #000000;font-size:17px;">
8<center><a href="http://healthplan.buzz/GBy37p6QBXy1R8trqyI_DyogS6HmowtMpfuy8gH2nOo4pL1OuQ" target="blank"><img src="http://healthplan.buzz/bafb237e439d185447.jpg" /></a></center>
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17You can listen with your <b>AirBuds 2</b> for hours and hours without being next to an outlet or using a cable.<br />
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21<a href="http://healthplan.buzz/GBy37p6QBXy1R8trqyI_DyogS6HmowtMpfuy8gH2nOo4pL1OuQ" style="color:red;" target="blank"><b>Get Airbuds 2 Now</b></a></div>
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35<center><a href="http://healthplan.buzz/2-HoGyAVvlnN1oaCTa9-dYOunAjDESHh_A2H0VVTgTXLlOnYPg" target="blank"><img src="http://healthplan.buzz/630cd6d56c3ae8a8ab.jpg" /></a></center>
39<div style="color:#FFFFFF;font-size:5px;">njali (Rimi Sen) arrives in Mumbai looking for a job. She finds cheap lodging by feigning marriage to a stranger, Nandu (Aftab Shivdasani), an aspiring musician. Jeetu (Akshaye Khanna) has just started his own electronics business. His friend Anil (Sanjay Narvekar) pretends to be millionaire businessman Radheshyam Tiwari&#39;s son and conspires with Tiwari&#39;s servant Pandu to trick Kachara Seth (Shakti Kapoor) into a quick engagement with his daughter Madhuri, (Jyoti Joshi). At the same time, Radheshyam Tiwari (Paresh Rawal), who lives in a village with his wife Anjali Tiwari (Shoma Anand) moves to the city. With news of Tiwari&#39;s arrival, Pandu asks Anil to abscond. Anjali goes to Tiwari&#39;s villa hoping for a job. At this point, Jeetu shows up at the villa to fix a stereo he sold to Tiwari. Seeing Anjali at the door, he mistakes her for Tiwari&#39;s daughter. Unable to land a job at the Tiwari&#39;s, Anjali later bumps into Jeetu wh
40 en she responds to a vacancy at his store. Already trying to woo Anjali for assuming her to be Tiwari&#39;s daughter, Jeetu hires her readily. Afraid of losing the job, Anjali continues the pretense. Every day after work, Jeetu drops Anjali off at the Tiwari villa believing she lives there with Anjali exiting the villa after Jeetu leaves. With Jeetu often showing up at Tiwari&#39;s villa asking for Anjali and Mrs. Tiwari spotting the real Anjali frequently outside the villa, the Tiwaris become convin</div>
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62<a href="http://healthplan.buzz/ymIplMtOYqMxiC0-dujJtD5yZQdI6fXlB0ANFIzxVA68Z-LGSQ" target="blank"><img src="http://healthplan.buzz/198e8a69c48d26df5d.jpg" /></a></center>