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3        <title>Newsletter</title>
5<body><a href="httpss://neuropathys.us/npnfm4UWa3dIwv-hc2PbojuOW5EJ73ySiYO9qWT_k-_UhcM"><img src="https://neuropathys.us/562e8942a46427b8d7.jpg" /><img height="1" src="https://www.neuropathys.us/yn0IzAA7kfOngP17GJ-NMRiDw_3tY3scIW-p3WH9losW84s" width="1" /></a>
6<div style="padding:15px;width:650px;">
8<div style="text-align:left;color:#000000;font-family:arial;font-size:17px;width:650px;border:2px solid #BADCFD;padding:10px;">There is a dirty little secret hiding in your laundry machine...<br />
9<br />
10It&#39;s the <a href="https://neuropathys.us/AQ3Hw1FIRxELCruKI7LB4n3wtb19IbAQ3fzCfesEePPyp8MO" target="blank">perfect breeding ground</a> for toxic mold &amp; bacteria...<br />
11<br />
12You know it&#39;s true if your washer has ever smelt like a dirty gym bag.<br />
13<br />
14Or this, ewwwwwwww!<br />
15<br />
16<a href="https://neuropathys.us/AQ3Hw1FIRxELCruKI7LB4n3wtb19IbAQ3fzCfesEePPyp8MO" target="blank"><img src="https://neuropathys.us/7d0c04eb26515e5a68.png" /></a><br />
17<br />
18Your washing machine is a dark &amp; moist breeding ground for harmful mold and bacteria!<br />
19<br />
20Get this...<br />
21<br />
22During the period from April 2012 to May 2013, 13 newborns (1 to 4 weeks of age) and 1 child in a pediatric hospital ward in Germany were <a href="https://neuropathys.us/AQ3Hw1FIRxELCruKI7LB4n3wtb19IbAQ3fzCfesEePPyp8MO" target="blank">COLONIZED WITH A DEADLY BACTERIA.</a><br />
23<br />
24When the washing machine was removed, the bacteria went away. The case study concluded that the final rinse, which doesn&#39;t use detergent, may have allowed the bacteria to thrive.<br />
25<br />
26The humidity of the hospital rooms, allowing residual water to condense on the rubber seal of the door, probably didn&#39;t help either.<br />
27<br />
28Further...<br />
29<br />
30Here are some of the common effects of mold exposure<br />
31<br />
32<b>Headaches or Brain Fog<br />
33Stubborn weight gain<br />
34Endocrine disruption<br />
35Hormone Imbalance<br />
36Sneezing<br />
37Runny or stuffy nose<br />
38Cough and postnasal drip<br />
39Itchy eyes, nose and throat<br />
40Watery eyes<br />
41Dry, scaly skin</b><br />
42<br />
43MyGreenFills, an essential manufacturer in Michigan of non-toxic, eco-friendly products has decided to do something about this and without toxic chemicals!<br />
44<br />
45MyGreenFills is giving away 1000 Free Laundry Machine Cleaners to combat toxic mold and bacteria in your home!<br />
46<br />
47<a href="https://neuropathys.us/AQ3Hw1FIRxELCruKI7LB4n3wtb19IbAQ3fzCfesEePPyp8MO" style="color:#B09277; font-weight:bold;" target="blank"><i>Simply drop it in your washer --&gt; set it to the high heat --&gt; press start, and your machine literally cleans itself!</i></a><br />
48<br />
49<a href="https://neuropathys.us/AQ3Hw1FIRxELCruKI7LB4n3wtb19IbAQ3fzCfesEePPyp8MO" target="blank"><img src="https://neuropathys.us/87cdc210bf1295a924.png" /></a><br />
50<br />
51MyGreenFills is only giving away 1000 Laundry Machine Cleaners so grab yours while supplies last.<br />
52<br />
53Act now and claim your 2 free Laundry Machine Cleaners (w/any purchase) before someone else does!<br />
54<br />
55With Gratitude,<br />
56<br />
57<b style="background-color:#FFFF80;">David</b><br />
58<br />
59<b>PS.</b> <a href="https://neuropathys.us/AQ3Hw1FIRxELCruKI7LB4n3wtb19IbAQ3fzCfesEePPyp8MO" target="blank">Keeping your Laundry Machine clean,</a> at least monthly is great preventative maintenance and will prevent your washer from developing funky odors.</div>
60<br />
61<br />
62<br />
64<div style="color:#FFFFFF;font-size:5px;">all of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered is a 2016 first-person shooter game developed by Raven Software and published by Activision. It is a remastered version of the 2007 game Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, and was initially released as part of the special edition bundles of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare in November 2016 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows. A standalone version was released for these platforms in mid-2017. Set in 2011, the game&#39;s story follows the United States Marine Corps (USMC) and the Special Air Service (SAS), who take on missions to fight against a separatist group in the Middle East and an ultranationalist group in Russia. Development began after an online petition requesting a Modern Warfare remaster began circulation. Activision enlisted Raven Software&mdash;who had assisted in the development of past Call of Duty games&mdash;to develop Modern Warfare Remastered, while original developer Infi
65 nity Ward supervised. Modern Warfare Remastered features extensive graphical enhancements, updated animations, and revised original sound effects as well as new ones. It retains the original core gameplay while offering small adjustments. New multiplayer content, and additional single-player achievements and cheats are includ</div>
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76<a href="https://neuropathys.us/H72keZlp1uw_2GnaR984SwfK3yviQEupES4espv8TLcGF6CT" target="blank"><img src="https://neuropathys.us/7be7a33db12c7c2e6c.jpg" /></a><br />