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9<div style="font-family:verdana; font-size:18px; width:100%;max-width:600px; margin-left:20px;">Breaking scientific research shows that there&rsquo;s a green vegetable that INFLAMES diabetes type 2 symptoms&hellip;<br />
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11Causing deadly spikes in blood sugar, increased fat storage, hormonal imbalances, brain fog, arterial plaque and debilitating chronic fatigue&hellip;<br />
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13<a href="http://texthard.cam/uqTrFUjaymNqsV06vPybb-FUqWD3WTpnvuHX7eNzYQ">&gt;&gt; Discover the 1 Green VEGGIE that WORSENS Diabetes Type 2 Symptoms (New Information)</a><br />
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15You might be eating this veggie every day, believing it to be super &ldquo;healthy&rdquo;...like everyone else does&hellip;.<br />
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17But it&rsquo;s NOT...<br />
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19I was eating this green veggie myself 3 or 4 times a week&hellip;<br />
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21Believing it to be super good for me (all the diet gurus tell you to eat it daily)&hellip;.<br />
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23It&rsquo;s NOT your fault if you&rsquo;re eating it too.<br />
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25You could never know this veggie considered to be a &ldquo;super food&rdquo; is infected with some of the nastiest industrial toxins on the planet&hellip;.<br />
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27Toxins that are banned in Europe because they inflame your type 2 diabetes symptoms, attack your pancreas and disrupt your insulin&hellip;.<br />
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29Can you imagine getting your blood sugar under control for the first time in years?<br />
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