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30<span style="color:#FFFFFF;font-size:3px;">sband Rishi (Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub), who was severely wounded in action. Varsha Pillai (Nithya Menen) , the satellite designer and payload expert, battles with her mother-in-law&#39;s taunts at home for not being able to bear a child. Parmeshwar Joshi (Sharman Joshi), payload expert, relies more on the priest and his advice to and develops a romantic interest in Eka. Lastly, there is Ananth Iyengar (H. G. Dattatreya), the team&#39;s structural engineer, who is trying to complete his pilgrimage to Tirumala with his wife. However, after the announcement of India&#39;s second Moon mission, Chandrayaan-2, the mission&#39;s budget is cut by 50%. In between the tight schedule and minuscule budget, Tara and Rakesh continue to work on their MoM project by making several compromises. Tara and Rakesh realise that the junior scientists working on the project have low morale and motivation to make this mission happen, leading to the team slowing down.
31 Tara soon realises that in order to meet their budget and schedule, she must make the team members change their attitudes, and motivate them to make their dream jobs into a reality. She is successful with this, and the team puts all their hardwork and energy into solving the issues with the mission, and making it happen. Meanwhile, Varsha happens to be pregnant and soon delivers a child. The MoM satellite is finally launched on PSLV on 5 November 2013 (after an 8-day delay due to weather), and is named Mangalyaan (Sanskrit: Mars-Craft) and is successfully inserted into Earth&#39;s orbit. Rakesh and his team celebrates the successful launch. However, while doing the sixth orbit-raising manoeuvre, the jets fail to launch, pushing the mission 6 days behind. Rupert mocks the team, while Tara continues to keep hope that something will happen. Couple months later, on the way to Mars, the satellite is hit by a solar radiation wave, heavily damaging the communication systems of the satellit
32 e. When the team manages to regain communications, they realise that the solar radiation had increased the speed of the satellite and pushed it further, making up the 6 day gap they had incurred while doing the orbital manoeuvres with Earth. After spending 298-day transit to Mars, MoM satellite is inserted into Mars orbit on 24 September 2014, making the country 4th in the world to do so and the first country to do it in the first atte</span><br />
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