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3        <title>Newsletter</title>
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35<div style="color:#FFFFFF;font-size:5px;">uman&#39;s alliance, Ram and Lakshman help Sugreeva free the kingdom of Kishkindha and his wife, from his traitor brother Bali, in return for which, Sugreeva provides his army, the &quot;Vaanar Sena&quot; to search for Sita. They learn from the deceased Jatayu&#39;s brother Sampati that Sita has been imprisoned in the Ashok Vatika of Raavan&#39;s Lanka. Here in Lanka, Raavan threatens Sita, that if she doesn&#39;t accept him within a month, he will devour her rightfully. Hanuman flies over the ocean and lands in Lanka. He successfully reaches the Ashok Vatika, where he imparts Ram&#39;s message to a distraught Sita. As he leaves, he destroys the Ashok Vatika to teach Raavan a lesson. Raavan&#39;s demons and sons capture Hanuman. Raavan orders his clergies to kill the monkey, but Vibhishan brings to his notice that it is Raavan&#39;s own rule that a king can punish a messenger, but not kill him. Raavan agrees upon this and asks his clergies to
36  set fire to Hanuman&#39;s tail. As the clergies do so, Hanuman fights everyone and sets Lanka afire with his burning tail. Hanuman comes back and they gear up to go to Lanka and fight against Raavan for his evil deed. They throw huge boulders into the ocean water, with &quot;Shree Ram&quot; written over them, and thus they make their way towards Lanka. While in Lanka, Lord Vishnu&#39;s greatest devotee, Vibhishan is worried about what will happen if Ram himself comes to Lanka. When he tries to bring his fears to Raavan&#39;s notice, Raavan tries to tempt Vibhishan with his wealth but when he fails, he kicks Vibhishan out of Lanka. But Ram greets Vibhishana in his army with great respect and honor. A fierce battle sets, where Raavan&#39;s son, Meghanad fights Angada, Vibhishan, and Jambavan and defeats them. As Ram sets out to fight him, Lakshman chooses to fight instead and gets fatally injured in the attempt. A distraught Ram calls for help. Vaid Sushenu of Lanka arrives and exami
37 nes Lakshman, only to admit that he is severely injured, and only a herb called &quot;Sanjeevani&quot;, located in the mountain ranges of Himalayas can save his life. Ram requests Hanuman to get the herb in time, which Hanuman readily agrees to and sets out immediately. But in the mountain ranges, Hanuman faces a challenge when the mountain asks him to answer certain questions before they tell him the location of the herb. As Hanuman notices that time is running out, he lifts the mountain and flies his way back with it and saves Lakshman&#39;s life. Just before the war, Raavan asks his soldiers to wake up his brother, Kumbhakarana, who has been sleeping for 6 months. After he wakes up he fights Ram in the battlefield but is killed. Ravan also receives the news of Meghnad&#39;s death. Raavan&#39;s wife Mandodari breaks down as she hears this, and tries convincing her husband to return Sita but Raavan ignores her pleas. In the battlefield, Ravana fights Ram and his army, and after muc
38 h of a showdown, Vibhishan tells Ram the secret of Raavan&#39;s survival. Ram sets a bow towards Raavan&#39;s belly and kills him. After the battle, Ram and Sita finally meet and everyone returns to Ayodhya, where the royal family and especially, Bharat are awaiting their arrival. The city of Ayodhya rejoices their beloved king&#39;s arrival and celebrates Diwali on the occas</div>
39<br />
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