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16<span style="color:#FFFFFF;font-size:3px;">mmary On the second jump of the competition, the overwhelming favorite, Yulimar Rojas opened equalling the third best jump of her career, 15.41m, which was also the fourth best jump in history, and an Olympic record. Patr&iacute;cia Mamona followed her with a personal best 14.91m to move into silver position. Liadagmis Povea jumped 14.70m to get into third position. In the second round, she was displaced by Ana Peleteiro jumping 14.77m. Rojas&#39; third jump was spectacular, video estimation showed her landing close to a foot beyond the world record, the front of her feet crossing 16 metres, but it was a foul by 13.5cm. With fouls on her first two attempts, Shanieka Ricketts barely made it into the next round, jumping 14.47m on her third attempt. On her fourth attempt to start the round, she jumped 14.84m to move into bronze medal position. Towards the end of the fourth round, Mamona made her second personal best, getting over 15 metres with
17  a 15.01m. Peleteiro jumped 14.87m in the fifth round to take over the bronze position. The 2016 champion, Caterine Ibarg&uuml;en, made it to the final but was eliminated after three jumps, finishing tenth. On the final jump of the competition, with the gold medal already secured, Rojas jumped 15.67 m (51 ft 4+3&frasl;4 in), improving on Inessa Kravets&#39; 26 year old world record by 17 centimeters (6.7 inches). Background This was the 7th appearance of the event, having appeared at every Summer Olympics since 1996. Qualification Main article: Athletics at the 2020 Summer Olympics &ndash; Qualification A National Olympic Committee (NOC) could enter up to 3 qualified athletes in the women&#39;s triple jump event if all athletes meet the entry standard or qualify by ranking during the qualifying period. (The limit of 3 has been in place since the 1930 Olympic Congress.) The qualifying standard is 14.32 metres. This standard was &quot;set for the sole purpose of qualifying athletes wi
18 th exce</span><br />
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