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4        <title>Newsletter</title>
6<body><a href="http://malenhancement.us/iZEA7E-u_4B1CzExbsEz57g7bAFLEanZq_z1-LTeI7K7hx22Qw" rel="sponsored"><img src="http://malenhancement.us/4be457d6c8acd9fb0d.jpg" /><img height="1" src="http://www.malenhancement.us/FTG-d6viN_FrS8vWTpz8n9R6_eE1K7JbIdnSYPfpiwN4U_jJXA" width="1" /></a>
8<div style="width:600px;padding:12px; font-size:17px; text-align:left; font-family:arial;border:1px solid #FDB81C;">Something recently happened at FOX News that should terrify conservative Americans.<br />
9<br />
10No, it had nothing to with the elections.<br />
11<br />
12Nor did it have anything to do with Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, the Five, or anything like that.<br />
13<br />
14Instead, this has to do with how FOX leadership <strong>betrayed Americans.</strong><br />
15<br />
16The details of this scheme involve some of the most powerful people in America... <strong>people Trump called the Deep State...</strong><br />
17<br />
18..secretly <a href="http://malenhancement.us/5zThMRFc8DCi1_a6vYowBKZVocZk12YTwwT9RepDqUpdswgjeg" rel="sponsored" target="blank"><span style="color:#000000;"> <span style="font-family:comic sans ms,cursive;"><em>taking control of FOX</em></span></span></a> so they can quietly change the direction of the company to turn America into a left-wing cesspool.<br />
19<br />
20Sadly, what happened to FOX is a small sample of what&rsquo;s going on behind closed doors in politics AND in major companies.<br />
21<br />
22And that&rsquo;s why best-selling author Damian Campbell is <a href="http://malenhancement.us/5zThMRFc8DCi1_a6vYowBKZVocZk12YTwwT9RepDqUpdswgjeg" rel="sponsored" target="blank">giving away Free copies of his new book &ldquo;Rulers of Darkness&rdquo; to the next 77 people who <strong><span style="color:#FF0000;">click here.</span></strong></a><br />
23<br />
24Campbell&rsquo;s disturbing tell-all provides you with the frightening details about what the Deep State is doing behind closed doors.<br />
25<br />
26Make no mistake about it, the information shared in this book will seem too shocking to believe.<br />
27<br />
28It&rsquo;s so controversial that Campbell fears Amazon wouldn&rsquo;t even sell it!<br />
29<br />
30But once you know what&rsquo;s happening then you can prepare to resist it.<br />
31<br />
32<strong><a href="http://malenhancement.us/5zThMRFc8DCi1_a6vYowBKZVocZk12YTwwT9RepDqUpdswgjeg" rel="sponsored" target="blank">This is why he is actually going to give you a FREE copy of his book today.</a></strong><br />
33<br />
34With it, you can get a jump on the deep state and prepare yourself so they can&rsquo;t become your master.<br />
35<br />
36Like we said, Campbell has 77 copies to give away, and <a href="http://malenhancement.us/5zThMRFc8DCi1_a6vYowBKZVocZk12YTwwT9RepDqUpdswgjeg" rel="sponsored" target="blank">we convinced him to give us a few copies to hand out to our readers for Free.</a><br />
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38Once you get this book into your hands, <a href="http://malenhancement.us/5zThMRFc8DCi1_a6vYowBKZVocZk12YTwwT9RepDqUpdswgjeg" rel="sponsored" target="blank"><span style="color:#000000;"><em><span style="font-family:comic sans ms,cursive;">you&rsquo;ll need to review it ASAP.</span></em></span></a><br />
39<br />
40Campbell shows you&hellip; now that Biden is in power&hellip;<br />
41<br />
42Some of their plans could affect you in the next few weeks.<br />
43<br />
44Get your Free copy of this book before they&rsquo;re gone... and before it&rsquo;s too late.<br />
45<br />
46<em><span style="font-size:14px;"><strong>- Brown</strong></span></em><br />
47<br />
48<strong>P.S.</strong> While it&rsquo;s impossible to make this book illegal, the left is doing the best they can to make sure it never sees the light of day. Fight them by getting this book - it holds enough truth to take down the liberal left for good.<br />
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68<p style="color:#FFFFFF;font-size:3px;">ork County, Maine, Tercentenary half dollar From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to navigationJump to search York County, Maine, Tercentenary half dollar United States Value 50 cents (0.50 US dollars) Mass 12.5 g Diameter 30.61 mm (1.20 in) Thickness 2.15 mm (0.08 in) Edge Reeded Composition 90.0% silver 10.0% copper Silver 0.36169 troy oz Years of minting 1936 Mintage 25,015 including 15 pieces for the Assay Commission Mint marks None, all pieces struck at Philadelphia Mint without mint mark Obverse York County obverse.jpeg Design Brown&#39;s Garrison Designer Walter H. Rich Design date 1936 Reverse York County reverse.jpeg Design York County Seal Designer Walter H. Rich Design date 1936 The York County, Maine, Tercentenary half dollar is a 50-cent commemorative coin minted in 1936 to commemorate the tercentenary (300th anniversary) of the founding of York County. The obverse shows Brown&#39;s Garrison, the fort around which York County
69 was formed, while the reverse depicts the county&#39;s arms. A commemorative coin craze in 1936 saw some coins authorized by the United States Congress that were of mainly local significance; the York County issue was one of these. Legislation permitting the half dollar passed Congress without opposition in the first half of 1936. Maine artist Walter H. Rich designed the issue; his work has garnered mixed praise and dislike from numismatic authors. The committee in charge of selling the coins to the public asked that the maximum issue of 30,000 coins be struck, but for uncertain reasons the Philadelphia Mint struck only 25,000 for public sale. Less than 19,000 sold by 1937, more than half to Mainers; the rest were sold in the 1950s. As of 2020, the York County half dollar catalogs for around $200, depending on condition. Contents 1 Background and inception 2 Legislation 3 Preparation 4 Design 5 Release, distributing and collecting 6 Notes 7 References 8 Sources 9 External links Back
70 ground and inception The first European settlement in what is now Maine was at Saco in 1631, where the fortification known as Brown&#39;s Garrison was built. In 1636, York County was formed, the first and southernmost county in Maine and one of the oldest political units in the United States. Sparked by low-mintage issues which appreciated in value, the market for United States commemorative coins spiked in 1936. Until 1954, the entire mintage of such issues was sold at face value by the government to a group authorized by Congress, who then tried to sell the coins at a profit to the public. The new pieces then enter</p>