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3        <title>Newsletter</title>
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46<span style="color:#FFFFFF; font-size:3px;">gh Puri (Jackie Shroff) is best friends with Lalit Malhotra (Anang Desai), the younger brother of J.K. Malhotra (Amrish Puri). The Malhotras are wealthy business tycoons in London. Lalit and his wife Nalini&#39;s (Supriya Karnik) business lifestyles have left little time for their son, Ronit (Hrithik Roshan), who opposes his family&#39;s greed and as a child came to regard his &quot;uncle&quot; Raj and late &quot;aunt&quot; Shalini as his surrogate parents. Raj&#39;s wife, Shalini (Rati Agnihotri), died in an accident some years prior, leaving Raj to raise their three daughters alone. Ronit has maintained close friendships with Raj and his daughters, having grown up with them. Raj&#39;s eldest daughter, Avantika, is happy in her arranged marriage to Ronit&#39;s college friend, Pankaj; his second daughter, Saania, marries her boyfriend Sukant against Raj&#39;s advice, and despite stark differences in family values and upbringing. Isha (Karee
47 na Kapoor), the youngest and most strong-willed one, claims that she does not believe in love. After a few weeks of living with her in-laws and bearing their taunts and abuse, Saania returns home begging for a divorce but eventually reconciles with Sukant. Meanwhile, Isha and Ronit attend a sports event in Malaysia, where their friendship unexpectedly blossoms into love. Neither are aware that back in London, Ronit&#39;s parents are secretly arranging for him to marry Monishka Rai (Kiran Rathod), the modern, spoiled daughter of another business tycoon, in order to create a business merger between the two wealthy families. With Raj being a longtime friend of the Rai family, the Malhotras recruit Raj to help them facilitate the marriage proposal. Raj agrees, the Malhotras having misled him to believe that Ronit would be happy with the marriage. Raj is shocked when Isha asks for his blessing to marry Ronit, his loyalties to the Malhotra and Rai families making him feel guilty. Overcome
48  with emotion, he ends up injuring himself in an accident, upsetting Isha. Though sympathetic to Isha&#39;s feelings, Raj informs her of Ronit&#39;s planned engagement and explains that she would never find acceptance as a daughter-in-law in the Malhotra family, due to their obsession with money. Isha then ends her relationship with Ronit and pretends that she loves Ronit only as a friend, although doing so deeply hurts her. Ronit, heartbroken and angry, is pressured by both Raj and his parents to marry Monishka. Bitterly agreeing to the engagement, Ronit soon discovers that Monishka and her parents&#39; lifestyles are totally opposite to the Malhotras&#39; own traditional Indian values; after proving this to Raj, Raj begs the Malhotras to reconsider the engagement. This culminates in J.K. Malhotra publicly insulting Raj, and accusing him of using Isha to w</span></div>