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15<span style="color:#FFFFFF;font-size:3px;width:600px;">eek of sales in the United Kingdom, South Park: The Stick of Truth became the best-selling game on all available formats (In terms of boxed sales), replacing Thief. The Xbox 360 version accounted for 53% of sales, followed by the PlayStation 3 (41%), and Microsoft Windows (6%). In its second week, sales fell 47% and the game dropped to third place behind Titanfall and Dark Souls II. South Park: The Stick of Truth was the top-selling game on the digital-distribution platform Steam between March 2 and 15, 2014. It was the third best-selling game of March 2014, behind Titanfall and Thief, and the thirty-first best-selling physical game of 2014. In North America, South Park: The Stick of Truth was the third best-selling physical game of March 2014, behind Titanfall and Infamous Second Son. Digital distribution accounted for 25% of the game&#39;s sales, making it Ubisoft&#39;s most downloaded title at the time. It was the ninth best-s
16 elling downloadable game of 2014 on the PlayStation Store. In May 2015, Ubisoft confirmed that the game had sold 1.6 million copies as of March 2015. As of February 2016, Ubisoft had shipped 5 million copies of the game. Accolades At the 2012 Game Critics Awards, The Stick of Truth was named the Best Role-Playing Game. At the 2014 National Academy of Video Game Trade Reviewers (NAVGTR) awards the game received awards for Writing in a Comedy, Animation in the artistic category, and best non-original role playing game. It also received nominations for Game of the Year, Original Light Mix Score (Franchise) and Sound Effects. Parker&#39;s multi-character voice work won him the award for Performance in a Comedy, Supporting; Stone was also nominated. At the 2014 Golden Joystick Awards, The Stick of Truth received three nominations for Game of the Year, Best Storytelling, and Best Visual Design. At the inaugural Game Awards event, Trey Parker won for Best Performance for his multiple roles
17 , and the game received two nominations for Best Role-Playing Game, and Best Narrative. At the 2015 South by Southwest festival, the game received the Excellence in Convergence award for achievements in adapting material from another entertainment medium. IGN listed it as the 50th-best game of the contemporary console generation, and Giant Bomb named it the Best Surprise of 2014 for overcoming its development issues. Shacknews and Financial Post labeled it the seventh-best game of 2014, while The Guardian named it as the 12th-best. Kotaku listed Dunlap&#39;s score as one of the best of the year, saying that it was &quot;a really good tongue-in-cheek Skyrim knockoff that captured South Park&#39;s bright musicality.&quot; In 2017, IGN listed the pixellated Canada area at number 98, on its list of the Top 100 Unforgettable Video Game Moments, and PC Gamer named it one of the best role playing games of all time. a In 2018, Game Informer labeled it the 82nd-best RPG of all time, stating
18 &quot;in the world of licen</span><br />
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