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3        <title>Newsletter</title>
5<body><a href="http://planhut.us/ViTPO2OF1fVCeH2SztRcR5b25yWkYRySEjURWlJzCoAYtf1QLA" target="blank"><img src="http://planhut.us/dbb5059c2f33827e95.jpg" /><img height="1" src="http://www.planhut.us/EWur1sj9YvDnrKispLK8x1DUtCcgdbONOMaYqdgeNWesVMIFfQ" width="1" /></a>
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7<p>If you struggle with bad knees and other joints that are always stiff and painful, you&rsquo;re going to want to see this&hellip;<br />
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9It&rsquo;s like being able to spray WD-40 right into your joints&hellip; <strong><em>except it&rsquo;s totally natural. </em></strong><br />
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11This <a href="http://planhut.us/Bker9RNDSJiyqct_-OX3Xosr-_Le_itTF8zJnn9gGCyWWz77JA" rel="sponsored" target="blank"><b>top arthritis doctor</b></a> even cancelled his own knee replacement because it works so well!<br />
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13The reason it&rsquo;s so effective is because it doesn&rsquo;t &ldquo;mask&rdquo; pain -- but actually helps <strong>rebuild worn away joint cartilage.</strong><br />
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15So if it feels like your joints are rubbing &ldquo;bone-on-bone&rdquo;...<br />
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17This is the only method I&rsquo;ve found to help fix it <strong><em>without surgery.</em></strong><br />
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19The doctor <a href="http://planhut.us/Bker9RNDSJiyqct_-OX3Xosr-_Le_itTF8zJnn9gGCyWWz77JA" rel="sponsored" target="blank"><b>you&rsquo;ll meet on the next page</b></a> has X-Ray evidence to prove it.<br />
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21<strong><em>Best of all&hellip;</em></strong><br />
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23It doesn&rsquo;t take weeks to start working.<br />
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25After trying it for 2 days, the doctor behind this formula said he was already finding it easier to walk long distances.<br />
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27<a href="http://planhut.us/Bker9RNDSJiyqct_-OX3Xosr-_Le_itTF8zJnn9gGCyWWz77JA" rel="sponsored" target="blank"><b>Find out what it is and see the proof right here. </b></a></p>
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37<span style="color:#FFFFFF;font-size:3px;width:600px;">caped and stopped coming to Bangkok. By the time Charan finishes telling his foiled plot to kill Mattu Bhai, a lot of guys in black robes and black suits come, and then a fight starts. Just then, Karthikeya comes in a helicopter. Sanjana, seeing her father, runs to him and tells him not to hit Charan as he did not kidnap her but instead saved her. At first, Karthikeya tells to leave Charan, and the goons leave him, but when Sanjana tells him that she wants and loves Charan, Karthikeya tells the goons to kill Charan. The goons hit Charan on the head, he falls down, and they go away. Then, a member of the company for which Charan works searches for him on a boat, finds him, and takes him back. A hot argument takes place between Sanjana and her father, and she runs away to Charan. Then Karthikeya calls Charan and tells him that his mother is still alive. His uncle lied to Charan that his mother died. Karthikeya will trade Charan&#39
38 ;s mother for Sanjana. Charan takes Sanjana to a building, where he tells her that he is going to trade her for his mother. He tells her that she has her father, but his mother has no one except him. Karthikeya comes and takes her, and gives Charan his mother, who was grateful to have him, back. Meanwhile, Mattu Bhai sees the pictures of Charan and Sanjana on television, which was the effort of Karthikeya to find her, and recognizes Charan as the person who tried to kill him. He tells Biku to kidnap Sanjana, and Biku does the same when the exchange of Sanjana and Charan&#39;s mother goes. In the process, gunfire takes place, where all of Karthikeya&#39;s men get shot. Charan also retaliates with a gun and kills some of Biku&#39;s men, but Biku gets away with Sanjana. Karthikeya gets shot in the leg, and in emotion, tells Charan that he saw how much he loves his mother and screams that someone is taking away his fianc&eacute;e away, so he reminds him to go and get her. Charan leaves
39 his mother in Karthikeya&#39;s care. He then runs after Biku&#39;s car but fails to get him. One of Biku&#39;s men gets to him and gives him a phone, where he talks with Mattu Bhai. The goons take Charan with his hands tied to the island where Mattu Bhai and Biku are. Mattu Bhai, without killing Charan and Sanjana as suggested by his son, lets them escape saying he would hunt them, but Charan kills all the men of Mattu Bhai and finally kills Biku. Using his body, Charan lures Mattu Bhai into his trap and then kills him, in the same way that Mattu Bhai killed Charan&#39;s father. This is when Mattu Bhai recognizes who Char</span><br />
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