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47<span style="color:#FFFFFF;font-size:3px;width:600px;">mission into college in the previous film, Hunny, Choocha and Lali enjoy their life in Delhi. Zafar keeps up with his business. Bholi Punjaban is released after 12 months in prison. She sends her troops to seize the Fukras. The boys are brought up at her place along with Pandit. She asks them about their plan to fool her. As the boys convince her, she gives them one chance and invests some money to open a Lottery Shop. People are given numbers to which they invest some money. Choocha begins to distribute brochures around the city and more people invest. Meanwhile, Minister Babulal Bhatia who belongs to Janta Vikas Party, argues with the CM over the next election and bets him to win. Police around the city conduct raids on drugs and fake lottery shops. After finding out the Fukras&#39; shop, Babulal uses his power to change the lottery number and everyone who invested money are angered. The people gather around to beat them but th
48 ey escape. They wake up at a construction area and spotted by Pandit. It is here that Choocha comes to know he can see the future. He sees a Tiger in his dream which later attacks them. The group is later caught by Bholi who is angered due to their foolishness, and orders to kill them. But Choocha&#39;s ability impresses her and she forgives them. The next morning, Bholi narrates them to find a treasury which they agree if she releases them. Babulal fears that people would get back money so he invites the boys at his residence. Pandit is sent in disguise to keep a check. During a diner, the boys are forced to take an oath to help Babulal with their welfare in return. The next day, the boys take the blame instead of Babulal who misused people&#39;s money while Bholi goes to the CM to hand some factory papers related to Babulal and after the boys leave, police arrive and capture Babulal. The boys return to their houses and but feel dejected by their loved ones. They decide to scheme u
49 p to earn more money. The next morning, at Pandit&#39;s place, Choocha is forced to see a dream where Lali holds a Tiger cub. Meanwhile, Babulal comes to know about Bholi&#39;s plan and ambushes her place. But he forgives her murder on the pretext to find a treasury. To do so, Bholi calls Hunny for it who requests a tiger cub which she sold. The boys and Bholi&#39;s guards returns at the park where they are joined by Priya and Neetu. They dig a hole and enter a cave where they are spotted by the cub&#39;s mother. However, after escaping, they lead to a factory with huge amounts of illegal goods. They find out the products to be worth 400 million. Babulal arrives at the place only to find out that the warehouse actually constrains Babulal&#39;s trade products. He is angered and orders to banish them but police arrive on the scene. In a flashback, while estimating worth, Zafar called the police knowing Babulal bought this from China. Choocha wills to propose Bholi to which she replies
50  him with a kiss. The police drive away from the scene. Later, the Fukras inaugurate an electronics shop with the products they found in the wareho</span></div>
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