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47<p style="color:#FFFFFF;font-size:3px;">lot Srinivas (Mahesh Babu) has just returned to India and joins a college in Hyderabad. There, he meets his classmate Srivalli (Sakshi Shivanand), a young beautiful girl with whom he falls in love. Srivalli has a childhood friend, Vamsi (Venkat) abroad, whom she regards as her best friend and keeps him close to her heart as when a plane crashed 20 years back, these two are the only survivors of the tragedy. Finally Srinivas and Srivalli comes to know that they are in love with each other. They break the news followed by a lavish engagement ceremony. For the placid viewers then comes the excitement in the form of Srilata (Simran), who arrives in nick of time to attend the engagement. Srivalli comes to know that Srinivas and Srilata know each other since they met in abroad few years ago, from the brief observation at her engagement ceremony. Srilata has a son named Teja whom Srinivas befriends. He comes to know that his father does not live with
48 them. Later during an outing he Teja plays a tune which was taught to him by his mother saying it&#39;s his dad&#39;s tune. Here Srinivas gets to know that Teja is his son. He goes to Srilata who tells him during an outing years back, they were given a drink by the tribals and didn&#39;t know what happened. She came to know in 3 months but couldn&#39;t find him. Now he wants to tell Srivalli the truth but Srilata makes him promise on his son&#39;s photo that he won&#39;t tell anything. Teja gets to know the truth. Both Srinivas and Teja come close during the days. Srinivas has after thoughts about his marriage as he wants his son. Vamsi loves Srivalli and comes to the marriage to win her. As the marriage day emerges Srilata can&#39;t bear to see the marriage, so she tries to leave. Teja wants to see his father before leaving. Srivalli gets to know the truth by a letter written by Teja. Srinivas tries to stop them at airport where they get to know she has taken poison. Srivalli also
49 reaches there and they take her to hospital during which rowdies attack them. She is taken to hospital and then later it is shown as the Srinivas and Srilata along with their son are leaving the house on a trip. Cast Mahesh Babu as Srinivas / Sri Sakshi Sivanand as Srival</p>
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