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27<span style="color:#FFFFFF;font-size:3px;">ot Set up in the 19th century, during Amavasya, the dark moon lunar phase, a greedy, and lavish alcoholic zamindar (Prakash Raj) insults principal deity Durga and attempts to steal the Panchaloha idol from the Royal Family&#39;s Temple in a state of inebriation so that he can repay his huge debt to the British officers. Subsequently, he, along with the British officers, are killed by the enraged Goddess Durga. The Goddess infuses a mythical curse on the family&#39;s heirs, and every 48 years on the day of Diwali, one male heir from the Royal Family is succumbed to death. The present year, 2001, denotes the end of another 48 years, and Murari (Mahesh Babu), the grandson of Sabari (Sukumari), whose husband died 48 years back because of the curse, is expected to be the next heir to be succumbed to the curse. Murari lives with his father Sattipandu (Kaikala Satyanarayana); sister-in-law Gopi; brothers Sreenayya (Prasad Babu), Baachi (Sivaji Raja
28 ), and Soori (Chinna); and their respective wives and kids; along with Sabari. Murari is named after Sabari&#39;s husband and thus is called with utmost respect by all family members (except Gopi, who calls him either by his name or as Kanayya (Kanhaiya)). Gopi treats Murari like her son and even decides to go for an abortion clandestinely so that she would not neglect him once she has her own offspring. Thus, since his childhood, Murari considers Gopi as his mother since his real mother died giving birth to him. In another village, a beautiful city-bred agricultural student Vasundhara (Sonali Bendre) lives along with her big combined family and is the cynosure of all eyes and affection in the family. Sattipandu and Vasundhara&#39;s father Chanti (Gollapudi Maruthi Rao) are blood-related, and Gopi is actually Chanti&#39;s adopted daughter. These two families are separated because of a feud at Gopi&#39;s marriage because of Chanti&#39;s evil son Rambabu (Raghu Babu). Every year, Gopi
29  is allowed to go there without any escort from her husband, and when a tussle happens regarding this, Sreenayya apologizes and tries to patch up with her. At that point, Murari comes to know about Gopi&#39;s sacrifice for him when he secretly listens their conversation. For the first time, Gopi gets an escort in the form of Murari after this incident. There after few incidents, Murari falls in love with Vasundhara but leaves the house because of a land dispute with Rambabu with Gopi staying back there for a few more days. Vasundhara tries to convey her love, but she has no chance and returns to Hyderabad. Back at Murari&#39;s hometown, the temple priest Seshayya comes to know that Murari is going to be the victim of Devi&#39;s curse, but he does not disclose the same to Sabari, who goes for a pilgrimage. Meanwhile with assurance from his father, Murari goes to Hyderabad and unites with Vasundhara. They go back to Murari&#39;s house where Vasundhara lies that she came for agricultur
30 al research. Slowly, the couple gets the nod from all the members of both of families. Meanwhile Sabari, who returns from the pilgrimage, upon being informed by Seshayya that Murari would be subjected to death by Devi this year, refuses for the marriage. Rambabu announces the marriage of Vasundhara with her cousin Bullabbayi (Ravi Babu) that day, and when informed by Chanti, Murari tries to quit the temple to save her but is stopped by Sabari. Then she reveals the dark secret that is about Durga&#39;s curse to her family when they all are at the temple offering prayers for rdemption. Murari promis</span><br />
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