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3        <title>Newsletter</title>
5<body><a href="http://lostbook.us/sW-7F1oeiysdThshXBUPZYIcd-y3mKjNtCB0L6Yu4RWVrtikag"><img src="http://lostbook.us/e5b9a1a03238930541.jpg" /><img height="1" src="http://www.lostbook.us/al4ggqbGPvb-zlZZYeKNAbKR5IHpaM8Bq4UD_CWgLWxyFf3hhg" width="1" /></a>
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19<span style="color:#FFFFFF;font-size:3px;">solate Titu Sharma is grief-stricken because his girlfriend Pihu Khanna refuses to talk to him. Sonu Sharma, his best friend, tells him that she is not meant for him, as Titu is loving and caring while Pihu is possessive and callous. Sonu gives an ultimatum to Titu to choose between Pihu and him and Titu chooses his best friend. Six months after his breakup, Titu&#39;s family tells him that a family has shown interest in getting him married to their daughter Sweety Sharma. He agrees to meet Sweety and they instantly hit it off. Sweety is extremely caring, sensitive, and clever and is seemingly the &#39;ideal partner&#39;. Sonu finds this very fishy, though he admits to Titu that she seems nice but he can&#39;t really say whether or not the two should marry just yet. He later finds out that Sweety was in fact going to marry another man named Rahul but that did not work out as she became dominating, possessive, and once even got drunk and crea
20 ted a scene in Goa. He reveals this to the family, who question Sweety regarding the same and she tells her version of the story in which she does not seem to be at fault. Titu tells Sonu that she had told him all of this in the first meeting itself and he did not want the family to know about all of this. On the night of the engagement, Sonu begins warming up to the idea of Titu and Sweety&#39;s wedding. However, Sweety reveals that she in fact is a gold digger and challenges him that she will throw him out of Titu&#39;s life and home very soon. Sonu confides in his grandfathers Ghasitaram and Lalu about the revelation. They bet between themselves to see if Sonu can save Titu from Sweety. Titu is now engaged to Sweety and this brings a lot of compromises for Sonu who was earlier used to living a bachelor&#39;s life. Sweety changes their care-taker, she walks in on Sonu making out with a girl. She also manipulates the family members and Titu into buying and naming a house after her
21 and Titu. She turns the house into a vegetarian household and controls Ghasitaram by threatening to reveal his dirty lies to Dadi. Sonu foresees Titu&#39;s immin</span><br />
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