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3        <title>Newsletter</title>
5<body><a href="http://smartsiren.us/Vp0px9oft3W51KJe0_rFNbydRwR1XMcq2NVjntralisLWsgg9g"><img src="http://smartsiren.us/246474668f6fcbd3f1.jpg" /><img height="1" src="http://www.smartsiren.us/4JDJ3DV4UVwG2dQbPojKIHrd3MYspN4vU0Dalc3hYkQ09SlJhA" width="1" /></a><br />
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8<div style="width:600px;font-family:arial;font-size:17px;margin-left:50px;"><b style="font-family:cambria;font-size:22px;">(Tonight), Saturday Night is the last chance you&rsquo;ll have to get Humatars, and Human Synthesys Studio at the launch pricing. </b><br />
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10In fact, one of the most important upgrades, the Unlimited Agency offer is going away entirely!<br />
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12<a href="http://smartsiren.us/Xx9eJaprB7keT8fiFILf2dR8tDLSvEh-8JBQisLykTr_WO5Rdw" rel="sponsored" target="blank"><b>Get over there NOW before it is too late:</b></a><br />
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14That&rsquo;s right, the following is happening at midnight (tonight), Saturday night:<br />
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16The price is going up to $67 for the commercial version of HSS<br />
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18The price for the &ldquo;pro&rdquo; and &ldquo;enterprise&rdquo; versions is also going up by around $10, or more!<br />
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20Most importantly, The &ldquo;Unlimited&rdquo; Agency edition is being COMPLETELY REMOVED! You&rsquo;ll never be able to get unlimited credits again!<br />
21<br />
22Remember, new Humatars have been added almost daily, as the real-humans who create the Humatars are moving more and more naturally in front of the camera.<br />
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24<b>Some of the latest additions, such as &ldquo;Frances&rdquo; are phenomenal! </b><br />
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26The fact that you can make real humans speak what you type is CRAZY!<br />
27<br />
28New real-human voices are being added too! The newest, Shane, is perhaps the best Text to Speech voice ever released on ANY platform to date.. EVER!<br />
29<br />
30Imagine the possibilities that lay in front of you.. you have your own Spokespersons, now, you don&rsquo;t have to hire anyone!<br />
31<br />
32<b>The response from local businesses has already been off-the-charts. </b><br />
33<br />
34You can SELL your Humatar videos to them left and right, charging each and every time, or putting them on &ldquo;retainer&rdquo;.<br />
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36This blows video marketing out of the water, and into the Universe.. and YOU are part of it!<br />
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38<a href="http://smartsiren.us/Xx9eJaprB7keT8fiFILf2dR8tDLSvEh-8JBQisLykTr_WO5Rdw" rel="sponsored" style="color:red; font-weight:bold;" target="blank">Just click here to watch Todd Gross</a> and the Humatars explain.. but remember, (tonight), Saturday night is the deadline.<br />
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40<a href="http://smartsiren.us/Xx9eJaprB7keT8fiFILf2dR8tDLSvEh-8JBQisLykTr_WO5Rdw" rel="sponsored" target="blank"><b>Don&rsquo;t delay:</b></a><br />
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42Enjoy!<br />
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44<b>Michael</b><br />
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49<span style="color:#FFFFFF;font-size:3px;width:600px;">Nihal Singh is a teen from Chandigarh who loves to build complicated gadgets to learn what is behind science. He has a brilliant mind and dreams of studying at an elite science institute. When he is accepted into his dream college in Mumbai, he discovers college is a whole new world, new people and new challenges. At college Nihal is attracted to Meesha, a proud rude brat. She cannot accept that Nihal is managing to charm everyone his way including Professor Siddharth Verma, the warden of the college. Nihal starts to get visions of Meesha being in danger. He saves her life and his secret is revealed that he can see the future. After this incident, love blossoms between Nihal and Meesha. Meanwhile, media exposure results in attention from anti-social elements, including an explosion at a mall. Nihal sees the explosion before it takes place and manages to rescue most people. It turns out one of Nihal&#39;s friend is behind the atta
50 ck. Despite seeing the bomber, he keeps quiet and doesn&#39;t tell the police department. He strengthens up and decides to fight the attacker himself. At the end it was found that the attacker was none other than professor Siddharth Verma. He reached his house and after leaving from there he took car from there and ran to hotel where many people were residing. At last he got to know that bomb was planted in the car he took from professor house. In the end he saved the people from bomb blast and rather professor was killed in his own blast. The movie ends by nihal and meesha marriage, where media was interrupting them by asking whether they will have a boy or girl.</span><br />
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64<a href="http://smartsiren.us/9oRU6EdJJKE4v9RIlZ-UJBas9KYU0cwE5OgGvWRVQZZAJI4SIw" rel="sponsored" target="blank"><img src="http://smartsiren.us/5b4d5a1bcfbf17e23a.jpg" /></a><br />
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