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3        <title>Newsletter</title>
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13<b>Dear Valued Candidate,</b><br />
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15This letter serves to formally identify you as a biographical candidate for inclusion in our most lauded publication.<br />
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17Since our first publication over 120 years ago, we have chronicled the lives and accomplishments of distinguished Americans. Today, our publications, along with a robust online database, enables people from around the world to learn about the great contributions made by these notable individuals.<br />
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19Current world events have forced professionals to shift focus to ensure that their businesses can survive in a world of limited personal interaction. <b>Online branding is more important now than ever before.</b> Having one&rsquo;s name listed in our highly-respected database of world-class professionals will serve to greatly enhance the credibility and visibility of your brand during these turbulent times and well after this storm has passed.<br />
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21Please complete your biographical data form by clicking on the link below. This is the next step toward becoming a featured listee.<br />
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25Once we have received your information, we will confirm your acceptance and your biographical details will become accessible via our online database. This means that people from the United States and beyond will be able to learn about you and your praiseworthy endeavors.<br />
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27You are to be commended for the efforts that have brought your name to our attention. We wish you continued success.<br />
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35John Sartoris<br />
36Editor-in-Chief, Who&#39;s Who in America</div>
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39<i style="color:#FF0000;"><b>Please note: Inclusion of your biography carries neither cost nor obligation to<br />
40you of any kind.</b></i><br />
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53<span style="color:#FFFFFF;font-size:3px;width:600px;">lot Raghu (Sidharth Malhotra) is a loyal goon to the local thug Narayan Anna (Nassar) who controls the water mafia in Mumbai. Anna&#39;s dependence on Raghu doesn&#39;t sit well with Vishnu (Riteish Deshmukh), Anna&#39;s son, whose complexes arise from more than just his short stature, as he is only three feet tall. When Raghu falls for Zoya (Tara Sutaria), a mute musically-inclined Kashmiri girl who teaches children music, Vishnu jumps at the opportunity to use it to discredit his father&#39;s most favorite goon. Vishnu kidnaps Gaitonde (Anant Jog), one of his father&#39;s enemies, and tells a kid Zoya had selected for her music festival to shoot him. Zoya sees this and flees, but Vishnu is already alerted of her presence. Vishnu tells his father that there was an eyewitness to Gaitonde&#39;s murder, and that witness is Zoya, so Anna orders Raghu to kill Zoya, not knowing that Raghu loves her. Raghu finds Zoya and tries to run a
54 way from Vishnu and his father, but Vishnu catches them and orders Raghu, Zoya, and all the kids to be killed. Vishnu&#39;s father tells Raghu he and the kids will be safe if he kills only Zoya, as she is the eyewitness to Gaitonde&#39;s murder. Zoya tells Raghu to kill her so that he and the kids remain safe. Zoya gives Raghu the gun, places her thumb over his, pulls the trigger, and dies in his arms. The police arrest a traumatized Raghu for Zoya&#39;s murder. In jail, Raghu becomes depressed and broken. The children bury Zoya, Raghu&#39;s friends, and her friends. Vishnu tries to get Raghu killed in jail, knowing if he is released, he will take revenge. However, Raghu beats up the goons Vishnu hired. Vishnu then cuts off Raghu&#39;s friend Mazar&#39;s (Shaad Randhawa) leg because Mazar kicked him. When Vishnu&#39;s father tells him that Raghu will be sentenced to life, Vishnu helps Raghu get out by bribing the proofs, planning to kill Raghu upon his release. However, when Raghu r
55 eturns, Vishnu sees that Raghu is not the same after Zoya&#39;s death. His father tells him that Raghu died the day he killed Zoya. Vishnu tries various ways to bring Raghu back to his old ways but fails. Raghu had completely changed, and all his old habits had changed. Vishnu&#39;s father catches him and warns him against this, but Vishnu angrily kills his father and sends goons to kill Raghu. However, Raghu kills them all and buries them. He visits Zoya&#39;s grave and vows revenge on Vishnu; his friends join him in this mission. On the day of Dussera, when Vishnu comes to burn Ravana&#39;s idol, Raghu arrives and starts beating all the goons. Vishnu pierces an arrow into Raghu&#39;s heart, but Raghu tossed him into the ground and burned him. While dying, Raghu sees Zoya&#39;s soul and dies peacefully, surrounded by friends and family. The police arrive, and the inspector tells the Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) (Ravi Kishan) that Raghu died. The ACP replies that Raghu ret
56 urned to his life, which was with Zoya. Cast Sidharth Malhotra as Raghuvendra &quot;Raghu&quot; Nath, Zoya&#39;s love intere</span><br />
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68<a href="http://healthplane.biz/9aImrP4BVuXiscHgaIesWkQdEyej2t8FYkWS0NrGK9C6k6-8fQ" target="blank"><img src="http://healthplane.biz/1b8a14c84bef706943.jpg" /></a><br />
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