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4        <title>Newsletter</title>
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8<div style="font-family:arial;font-size:17px;text-align:left;border:2px solid #FE0101;padding:10px;width:600px;">
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15<b>Motion Control For Easy Photo Taking</b><br />
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17Records In 4k For Videos And Photos<br />
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19One-Key Easy Taking Off And Landing<br />
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21Proficient Level Altitude Hold Included<br />
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23Minimized, Foldable, Portable, and Durable<br />
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25Expanded Battery Life For Longer Use!<br />
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29This is the ideal Drone for beginners and specialists the same.<br />
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33<b>At the point when you utilize this Drone, you should peruse the DronePro 4K Manual first.</b><br />
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48<p style="color:#FFFFFF;font-size:3px;">entually, Munna&#39;s and Harini&#39;s parents learn about their relationship and are furious, as they want them to focus on their studies. Harini&#39;s father, an Indian Revenue Service (IRS) officer, holds a meeting involving Munna, Harini, Munna&#39;s friends, their parents, Mangalam, and Harini&#39;s friends at his house; both sets of parents decide that Munna and Harini will not contact each other till their studies are over. After that, if they are still in love, the parents will not oppose them. Although both Munna and Harini agree to this, they continue to long for each other, eventually running away from their homes and eloping at Tirumala. On hearing the news, Munna&#39;s and Harini&#39;s parents disown them. Munna&#39;s friends walk out of their homes too, in a show of solidarity for Munna and Harini. Mangalam helps the teenagers find a modest residence and they take up part-time jobs to support themselves, including their education.
49  This proves unsuccessful, so Mangalam encourages them to explore their natural musical talents. The teenagers form a band named &quot;Boys&quot;, composing modern versions of Tamil devotional songs, and eventually gain recognition. Soon, they are approached by a Naxalite group to compose anti-government songs. They do it for money, leading to their arrest under POTA, and are also expelled from their respective colleges. After their release, the gang show more resolve to succeed in their musical career. After a few unsuccessful attempts, they are finally signed by Sony Music and record their first album. While celebrating their success, a drunk Krishna accidentally tells Harini about their earlier encounter with Rani. Harini, hurt at this revelation, leaves Munna and returns to her parents, despite Munna pleading that he and Harini did not know each other before the encounter and that he did not have sex with Rani. As only Rani can prove that Munna did not have sex with her, the gan
50 g begin searching for her. Kumar spots Rani on a moving bus and tries to board it, but falls under the wheels of the bus and dies. Munna decides that his words were more than enough proof for Harini and accepts her decision. The gang&#39;s debut album soon releases and becomes a huge hit. But without Harini, the lead female vocalist, the record labels are unwilling to sign them. When the gang request Harini&#39;s presence for a live show on MTV, her parents accept, but on the condition that Munna signs the divorce papers. Munna agrees, realizing that his and his friends&#39; careers are more important than his love. The gang has a very successful live debut. They dedicate their first live success in memory of Kumar. They also dedicate their success to Mangalam, whom Krishna calls their godfather. The day after the live show, Munna&#39;s and Harini&#39;s divorce hearing takes place. Mangalam, now the Boys&#39; manager, fields many calls to replace Harini with another girl. When Harin
51 i looks at the pictures of all the girls vying to be the group&#39;s new lead female vocalist, a bout of jealousy strikes her. She gets angry and starts hitting Munna. As the two fight, they share a kiss and reconcile, cancelling their divo</p>
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