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3        <title>Alphazym Plus</title>
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30<span style="color:#FFFFFF;font-size:3px;">hitra (Genelia) is a loner who comes to Araku seeking employment as a school teacher. Krishna (Arun) is an aspiring director who comes to Araku for a test shoot and to complete the script of his debut film. Circle Inspector (Prakash Raj) has a wife and young kids. Chitra spent a year in a mental asylum because she witnessed her family being murdered. Chitra and Krishna become friends. While Chitra is looking through her binoculars, she witnesses a murder where she can clearly see the victim&#39;s face. Chitra reports the incident to the police, but they find no evidence of the crime. Chitra suspects that her past mental condition is relapsing. Eventually, the police finds out that the female victim did, in fact, exist. They have a CD that shows Circle Inspector and the female victim together in a store. The victim is none other than the Circle Inspector&#39;s dead girlfriend&#39;s daughter. He cannot acknowledge their illegitimate relation w
31 ithout tainting his reputation. It is revealed that he lured his daughter to Araku to kill her. Although Chitra witnessed the murder, the Circle Inspector tried to make it look like a figment of Chitra&#39;s imagination, and is infuriated when Chitra refuses to believe that the murder was her hallucination. Chitra and Krishna try to take the disc and escape, but Circle Inspector tries to kill Krishna, whose foot is injured by Krishna. Circle Inspector&#39;s holds Krishna at gunpoint, but Chitra refuses to give the disc to him. She slaps the Circle Inspector, who decides to let go of Krishna and commits suicide. Chitra says that she didn&#39;t think that Circle Inspector was going to kill her and Krishna because he already framed a dead officer for the victim&#39;s murder. Chitra and Krishna take the disc as evidence to the police. The film ends with the union of Chitra and Krishn</span><br />
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