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3        <title>Newsletter</title>
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46<span style="color:#FFFFFF; font-size:3px;">ran (Fardeen Khan) and Bhavesh (Tusshar Kapoor) are close friends living in Cape Town, South Africa. Karan has a good life, with a well-paying job. He is in a comfortable relationship with his beautiful yet childish and pampered girlfriend Sanjana (Genelia D&#39;Souza), who changes her profession every six months rather disastrously. Her father (Anupam Kher), who dislikes Karan, always tries to keep her happy and supports her. Bhavesh wishes for an arranged marriage and keeps a diary of all the beautiful things he will do to his wife after marriage. His father Darshan Manibhai Patel (Darshan Jariwala) is a strict autocrat, patriarch. Jeet (Govinda) does not believe in marriage or love and is a womaniser. He encourages married women into divorcing their spouses so that his living as a divorce lawyer is uncompromised. Bhavesh&#39;s father treats him as young and incapable of marriage, but on his wife&#39;s (Shoma Anand) insistence, he travels
47  with his family, along with Karan and Sanjana to Gujarat to find Bhavesh a bride. In Gujarat, they stay at the palatial home of Bhavesh&#39;s father&#39;s friend, Vijay Singh Jadeja (Vikram Gokhale). Bhavesh meets some girls but ends up falling for Prachi (Prachi Desai), Vijay Singh&#39;s daughter, and they get married. During their wedding, Sanjana says &quot;yes&quot; to Karan&#39;s proposal as well and they get married the same night. The movie then switches to the present, where both couples are at court. The judge declares the divorce between Karan and Sanjana and Bhavesh and Prachi valid. The story goes back 6 months earlier, showing what led to the divorces when they came back to Cape Town from India. After marriage, Karan and Sanjana&#39;s family life deteriorates, with Karan wanting domestic stability and Sanjana being a horrible homemaker. Karan finally loses patience with Sanjana after she accidentally burns down their apartment, and yells at her, venting his frustration
48  at her stupidity and his dislike for her father. Shocked and heartbroken, Sanjana leaves and sends a notice of divorce to him the very next morning. Bhavesh is happy with Prachi but Prachi is stifled at the old-fashioned ideals and strict rules of Bhavesh&#39;s father. She, without her father-in-law&#39;s knowledge, applies for a job &ndash; the very idea of which angers him. Bhavesh, taking sides with his father, slaps her at the same time Prachi&#39;s father arrives. Bhavesh, bound by his father&#39;s old-fashion</span></div>