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3        <title>Newsletter</title>
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23<span style="color:#FFFFFF;font-size:3px;">rabichi Beevi and take a large number of women from the palace as prisoners. Back in Chirakkal, the king bestows Kelu with the honour of being the new general (&quot;Kothuval&quot;). Vavvali, however, is somewhat unhappy as the king neglected to acknowledge his role in the capture of Est&ecirc;v&atilde;o. Princess Ayesha - among captives from the raid in Arakkal - is presented to the spoiled prince Bhanu Vikraman as a concubine. She tries to kill the prince in his chamber, but Kelu saves him. Vasco da Gama, in Cochin, is enraged to know the capture and mutilation of his son Est&ecirc;v&atilde;o. Later, Kelu helps Ayesha escape from Chirakkal and asks her to flee from &quot;this cursed land&quot;. Ayesha, with the help of Kelu and Vavvali, manages to rescue all the women locked up in Chirakkal and smuggle them to a secret cave in Puthur. With princess Ayesha, Kelu and Vavvali set out to the villages in the kingdom and succeed in garnering sup
24 port from the common folk against the Portuguese. A large number of people join with Kelu and Ayesha to form a resistance. Kelu also induces the king of Chirakkal to seek assistance from the Syrian Christians in Kodungallur. Meanwhile, with the help of minister Kurup (Sreekumar), Bhanu Vikraman conspires against his uncle and joins forces with Est&ecirc;v&atilde;o da Gama. Bhanu Vikraman assassinates his uncle with a Portuguese pistol. Kelu returns to Chirakkal palace to discuss with Vikraman, now king of Chirakkal, what actions to take against da Gama, but Bhanu hesitantly states that the army will no longer take orders from Kelu. Chirakkal Bala, the princess of Chirakkal, now joins with Kelu and his cohorts. Meanwhile, da Gama (Robin Pratt), accompanied by Est&ecirc;v&atilde;o da Gama among others, arrives at the Chirakkal palace. Chenichery Kurup, whom da Gama remembers, at first sight, welcomes him. During the audience, Bhanu Vikraman is killed by Est&ecirc;v&atilde;o da Gama. A
25 s a mark of respect for his allegiance to the Portuguese crown, the empire offers Kurup the post of the Governor General of the Laccadives. The Chirakkal army, led by Angadan Nambi, attacks the rebel hideout. Rebels under Kelu, Vavvali, Ayesha and defected Chirakkal general Kaimal, fight back. Soon, an Est&ecirc;v&atilde;o da Gama-led Portuguese unit arrives in the village as reinforcement for the Chirakkal force. The rebels manage to defeat the combined forces, but Vavvali is killed in action. The rebels now launch an attack on the Chirakkal palace. A terrible battle ensues. The rebels are immediately put on the defensive by the Portuguese cannons. Kelu manages to breach the perimeter set up by Est&ecirc;v&atilde;o and enters the palace. He manages to attack da Gama but is killed by the musketeers. After hearing the moving story of his ancestors, Krishna Das decides not to sell his land to the multinational mining corporation and instead, he decides to start a new life in Ker</span
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