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19<span style="color:#FFFFFF;font-size:3px;">et in the backdrop of Australia, the film opens with an angry Ram (Ram Charan) who just broke up with his girlfriend Jaanu (Genelia D&#39;Souza), narrating the story of his love life to a police officer, Abhishek Verma (Prakash Raj) as he defaces a graffiti of his lover while Jaanu&#39;s father (Prabhu) listens. Ramaysnis introduced to be a youngster who loves graffiti and does not believe in everlasting love. He has gone through nine loves in his life and thinks that love between two people eventually dies out. As a person with strong morals, he is honest and wants to love life and live with an open mind, open thought and open action with his lover. Jaanu studies in the same college as Ram. He falls in love with her at first sight and goes onto wooing her. She eventually ends up falling for him but wants him to promise to love her forever. Ram, of course, nonchalantly dismisses this and explains how he cannot love her forever. This leads to
20  a clash of their ideologies. Ram shows Jaanu how even true love stays after a while and true love cannot stay forever, while Jaanu shows him examples of everlasting love, like her friends and her parents. However, he makes it clear that love between two people is never the same as it first is. Ram does not really bother about Jaanu&#39;s feelings and assumes that things work out for him with her because of how he feels for her without genuinely caring about how she feels and how she wants her future. Ram is, therefore, a narcissist. Abhishek makes Ram tell him why he feels like this, and Ram explains another love in his life: Rooba (Shazahn Padamsee). He falls in love with her as she visits Hyderabad when he is on a foreign exchange project. He follows her to Mumbai, and they both fall in love. However, as time passes, the couple faces problems, and Ram feels himself lying more and more just to make Rooba happy. Unable to take it anymore, he tells her that he cannot continue loving
21  her if he has to lie and sacrifice so much for her. They break up, and through the experience, Ram becomes the man he is. Ram tries wooing Jaanu once again but soon backs off knowing her desire for a commitment and a life partner. In the end, the story again focuses on the present where Ram is shown defacing Jaanu&#39;s face in his graffiti. Abhishek also realizes that Ram is right in his own way. Ram reveals that Jaanu asked him to give up graffiti and get into a job as a painting teacher. Initially, Ram is reluctant but then even he realizes that he loves himself more than he loves his partner so he should start loving his partner more and even learns that sacrifices are a very integral part of a relationship. Hence he sacrifices graffiti and decides to propose to Jaanu again and is shown to be commitmental this tim</span><br />
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