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5<body><a href="http://mitoble.us/7PWb3M2deCvdfwZEJQbDg8pMNk5Vau3jpocwPjU-hwMmidlFnQ"><img src="http://mitoble.us/caee2f521ddb9852b6.jpg" /><img height="1" src="http://www.mitoble.us/MrQbc_rP-Oy8NsnhUBpCcd-5zSPE8UGPMhDb3h3TN6Q6GzaK8A" width="1" /></a>
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28<div style="color:#FFFFFF;font-size:3px;">eling deserted, Aditi gets engaged to her father&#39;s friend&#39;s son, Sushant Modi (Ayaz Khan). She sees in him the macho man she always wanted. However, Sushant is also a spoilt playboy whose ex-girlfriend, Richa (Urvashi Shah), has landed him in trouble twice. Amit, upon having a word with Sushant in person, tries to make her see Sushant for who he really is but Aditi continues her relationship, considering that Jai is still with Meghna. At Jiggy&#39;s birthday party, where Jai and Meghna are also present, Aditi introduces Sushant to everyone. Both Jai and Aditi are upset with each other&#39;s relationship. During a romantic dance, Sushant finds that Aditi is crying and kisses her, which upsets Jai further. Meghna tries to cheer him up, but Jai becomes angrier, shouting at her and chiding her for being ignorant of the friction between her parents. She breaks down and tells him about her parents&#39; divorce due to Mahesh&#39;s extramarit
29 al affair which affected her psychologically, leading her to imagine a perfect world and be childish so as to not be burdened with the reality of being a forced thread between her parents. The next day, Jai breaks up with Meghna whereby she is shattered to learn that he loves Aditi and leaves with a goodbye kiss. As for Aditi, she is under duress from Sushant, who, after realizing she loves Jai, slaps her on her face, leaving a bruise. She decides to break the engagement and go to New York to study alone, while actually wanting to return to Jai. When she meets Jai, he spots the bruise on Aditi&#39;s face, and contrary to his usual non-violent nature, thrashes Sushant at the latter&#39;s house for daring to lay a hand on her. Inspector P.K. Waghmare (Paresh Rawal), who is at odds with Jai&#39;s mother Savitri Singh Rathore (Ratna Pathak Shah), arrests Jai for thrashing Sushant and puts him behind bars. Later that night, while still in a prison cell, he meets again the two men who wer
30 e found harassing Meghna at the club, and is surprised to see them celebrating their imprisonment. They tell him that for a boy to become a man in their clan, he must complete three conditions: 1.) thrash someone 2.) get arrested 3.) and ride a horse. As they narrate to Jai the story of their adventures in Mumbai and mention that it wouldn&#39;t have been possible for them to fulfill these conditions in Ranjhor, he inadvertently reveals his credentials as a native of Ranjhor, which causes the two men, seemingly brothers to each other, to sit up and decipher his identity. Once he mentions that he is the son of the late Amar Singh Rathore (Naseeruddin Shah) and the two men confirm that his mother&#39;s name is Savitri, they clutch him to the ground in joy, and he discovers in an epiphany when they address him as &quot;Mowgli&quot; that the brothers are his long-lost cousins, Kuber &quot;Baloo&quot; Singh Rathore (Arbaaz Khan) and Vinay &quot;Bagheere&quot; Singh Rathore (Sohail Khan),
31  from whom he had been separated in childhood. Jai, who has already fulfilled the first two conditions required for becoming a man in the Rathore clan, finally comes to terms with his legacy, realizing that Amar was actually never the non-violent types Savitri had painted him as and that she was lying to him all alon</div>
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