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3        <title>Newsletter</title>
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67<span style="color:#FFFFFF;font-size:3px;">ai Agnihotri (Salman Khan) is an ex-army officer who is short-tempered and passionate about helping citizens and fighting criminals. He was a major in the Indian Army, but was suspended after he ignored orders from his superiors by rescuing a group of children from terrorists. After this incident, Jai moved in with his mother and sister Geeta (Tabu Hashmi). One day, Jai is unable to help Suman, a physically disabled girl (Genelia D&#39;Souza), take an examination while her brother Rohan (Vikas Bhalla) was stuck in a traffic jam. A depressed Suman commits suicide. Jai is greatly disturbed by this incident. With Suman&#39;s death fresh in his mind, Jai creates a system that would encourage citizens to help each other. Each day, citizens are to help three people. These three people would in turn help three more people, and so on. Jai believes that this network would foster kindness and a sense of community among the citizens. His system, howeve
68 r, faces challenges. On one occasion, for one of his daily good deeds, Jai loses his temper and beats a rich man who had injured a child beggar. In an act of revenge, the rich man employs some men to kidnap Jai&#39;s sister Geeta and friend Rinky (Daisy Shah). Jai is able to save Geeta and Rinky, but injures one of the captors in the process, who happenes to be the henchman of a member of the Legislative Assembly named Patil, the son-in-law of the Home Minister Dashrath Singh (Danny Denzongpa). Dashrath is not happy that Jai has injured one of Patil&#39;s henchmen. He attempts to avenge this injury by kidnapping Jai&#39;s nephew Kabir. Dashrath, however, loses Patil out of Jai&#39;s rage in the process. Chief Minister Ashok Pradhan (Mohnish Behl) meanwhile finds out about Jai&#39;s system after his own life is saved by a schoolgirl performing her good deeds for the day. He decides to intervene in the dispute between Dashrath and Jai in an attempt to put an end to their fight. Dashra
69 th, who does not appreciate this interventi</span><br />
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