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48<p style="color:#FFFFFF;font-size:3px;">cided to abandon him as her condition was broken. Before disappearing, she promised Shantanu to return his heir. Ganga handling her son Devavrata to his father. Print by BP Banerjee. Ganga named her son Devavrata and took him to different loka (realms), where he was brought up and trained by many eminent sages. Brihaspati: The son of Angiras and the preceptor of the Devas taught the duties of kings (Dandaneeti), or political science and other Shastras. Shukracharya: The son of Bhrigu and the preceptor of the Asuras also taught Devavrata in political science and other branches of knowledge. The sages Vashishtha and Chyavana taught the Vedas and Vedangas to Devavrata. Sanatkumara: The eldest son of the god Brahma taught Devavrata the mental and spiritual sciences. Markandeya: The immortal son of Mrikandu of Bhrigu&#39;s race who acquired everlasting youth from the god Shiva taught Devavrata in the duties of the Yatis. Parashurama: The son of Jama
49 dagni trained Bhishma in warfare. Indra: The king of the Devas. He bestowed celestial weapons on Bhishma. Years later, Shantanu was roaming on the banks of the Ganga and observed that the water of the river had turned shallow. He saw a young man blocking the water currents with a dam made up of arrows. Shantanu recognised his son because of the similarities and begged Ganga to return him. Ganga appeared in a youthful form and handed her son to Shantanu as per her promise. The young Devavrata was known as Gangadatta as he was handed over by Ganga. The oath Devavrata taking his oath, painting by Raja Ravi Varma Devavrata was made the heir-apparent, and the citizens loved him because of his divine background and eligibility. Meanwhile, Shantanu went to the forest and met a fisherwoman named Satyavati, who operated the boats crossing the Yamuna. He fell in love with her and asked for her hand in marriage from her father. However, the fisherman-chief told that he would only agree if Shan
50 tanu promised to put the son born to Satyavati as the heir. Shantanu rejected the offer as he had already promised the throne to Devavrata and returned to the palace. He started to avoid any company and spend his time in bed in grief and solitude. Devavrata noticed his father&#39;s sorrow and discov</p>