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3        <title>Newsletter</title>
5<body><a href="http://manifestationz.us/kKMfQL_3-ACJ3OXGja5aOotIJ7N2XleqMKVNQCfZVKa_kxElWw"><img src="http://manifestationz.us/6c5b1bda808a860746.jpg" /><img height="1" src="http://www.manifestationz.us/0VdFxl9zDVr69jOE6tK__x4MIvkdlVpP9z1GGvyy6j61_8oTxw" width="1" /></a><br />
7<div style="margin-left:25px;font-family:arial;font-size:17px;text-align:left;width:600px;padding:15px;">Two days ago I shared the story of my friend Carole&hellip;<br />
8<br />
9A woman who was suffering from poor sleep, depression, and anxiety&hellip;<br />
10<br />
11And who kept putting on weight, no matter what diet or exercise she tried.<br />
12<br />
13If you clicked the link I shared in the last email, and read Karen&rsquo;s inspirational story&hellip;<br />
14<br />
15<a href="http://manifestationz.us/SPDT5gqnSyATx1gV_rdk9XHPveowJI95hdsTbqskyNyEjgpaIQ" rel="sponsored" style="color:#FE0310;" target="blank"><b>You saw how she was able to turn things around&hellip;</b></a><br />
16<br />
17She dropped 23lbs of formerly impossible-to-lose body fat in just a few short weeks&hellip;<br />
18<br />
19Her mood swings have stopped entirely&hellip;<br />
20<br />
21And Karen says she&rsquo;s sleeping better than ever too.<br />
22<br />
23<a href="http://manifestationz.us/SPDT5gqnSyATx1gV_rdk9XHPveowJI95hdsTbqskyNyEjgpaIQ" rel="sponsored" target="blank"><img src="http://manifestationz.us/2087add336a0238fee.png" /></a><br />
24<br />
25What made the difference for Carole?<br />
26<br />
27<a href="http://manifestationz.us/SPDT5gqnSyATx1gV_rdk9XHPveowJI95hdsTbqskyNyEjgpaIQ" rel="sponsored" target="blank"><b>She started following this doctors&rsquo; three step method called &ldquo;CAR&rdquo;&hellip;</b></a><br />
28<br />
29Something that any adult can follow from the comfort of their own home&hellip;<br />
30<br />
31And that allows you to fix your dysfunctional thyroid quickly and naturally&hellip;<br />
32<br />
33While putting your metabolism into hyper-speed too.<br />
34<br />
35Here&rsquo;s the link to a website where you can see how this method works:<br />
36<br />
37<a href="http://manifestationz.us/SPDT5gqnSyATx1gV_rdk9XHPveowJI95hdsTbqskyNyEjgpaIQ" rel="sponsored" target="blank"><b>==&gt; Click here to see the 3 step method that can revitalize your thyroid and help your body burn more fat.</b></a><br />
38<br />
39Sincerely,<br />
40<br />
41<b>Leroy</b><br />
42<br />
43<b>P.S.</b> <i>I can&rsquo;t tell you how long this presentation is going to stay online&hellip;</i><br />
44<br />
45Especially since drug companies hate the information you&rsquo;ll find inside&hellip;<br />
46<br />
47As it threatens their monopoly on thyroid drugs&hellip;<br />
48<br />
49And shows people how to naturally boost their thyroids instead.<br />
50<br />
51This may be your last chance to find out the truth about your dysfunctional thyroid and how to restore it&hellip;<br />
52<br />
53So don&rsquo;t put this off and regret it later.<br />
54<br />
55<a href="http://manifestationz.us/SPDT5gqnSyATx1gV_rdk9XHPveowJI95hdsTbqskyNyEjgpaIQ" rel="sponsored" target="blank"><b>==&gt; Click here to see the 3 step method that can revitalize your thyroid and help your body burn more fat.</b></a></div>
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63<a href="http://manifestationz.us/yjsT4OJ7M_CnW_kraVEp3HLrN7qVPAyKKcCn6qZgF68bYELdEQ" rel="sponsored" style="margin-left:25px;" target="blank"><img src="http://manifestationz.us/c69a551b0380174498.png" /></a><br />
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69<br />
70<br />
71<br />
72<span style="color:#FFFFFF;font-size:3px;width:600px;height:5px;">sh Sabharwal (Sunil Shetty) is an enterprising billionaire who excels in business strategy. He is smitten by the brilliant and lovely Isha Nair (Keerti Reddy). She is a smart medical student and her idealism leads her to Scotland for advance research. Yash sends her away by giving her a scholarship. Before she leaves, Yash hires Gaurav Saxena (Arjun Rampal) to go to Scotland with her and, using his magic, make Isha fall in love with Yash. In Scotland, Taj Bharadwaj (Aftab Shivdasani), an endearing and loveable guy, falls badly for Isha. Born and brought up in a royal luxury, Taj is a perfect NRI gentleman. He has only one problem &mdash; whether his father Lord Bharadwaj (Dalip Tahil) would agree with him or not. When Gaurav comes into the life of Isha, Isha also falls in love with him and Gaurav falls in love with her. When Yash finds out about this, he tells Gaurav to go and break Isha&#39;s heart, so she would come
73 back to him. Gaurav uses Maya Dhillon (Monica Bedi) by starting a fake affair with her and sleeps with her. Taj discovers it and informs Isha. When Isha sees Gaurav and Maya together, she starts hating him. Gaurav is awarded with &pound;1 billion by Yash for getting out of Isha&#39;s life and opening the ways for him. Gaurav opens a bank account but is unaware that the bank is owned by the Bharadwaj family and Taj runs it. Taj is shocked when he learns that a humble guy like Gaurav is opening an account of &pound;1 billion. Taj asks Gaurav about it. Gaurav informs him that he has sold his soul to the devil. Gaurav starts to realise that he cannot live without Isha as he was really in love with her. He returns the money to Yash, informs Maya that he never loved her, and it was just a part of his plan. He informs Maya that he is going back to India and that he is in love with Isha. Maya meets Isha and tells her that Gaurav seriously loved her but sacrificed his love for Yash. Isha for
74 gives Gaurav and still loves him. However, Isha&#39;s parents have fixed her engagement with Taj and Isha has to agree to make her parents happy. Isha&#39;s friend Rubaina Alam (Isha Koppikar) invites Yash to the engagement. Yash refuses to attend. Rubaina insults him, tells him that he is responsible for the trouble, and he must attend. Yash decides to break Taj and Isha&#39;s engagement. On the other hand, Gaurav appears at Isha&#39;s engagement in the room where Isha is preparing. Gaurav informs her that he has always loved her but it is the end and she has to forget about him and think about Taj. Gaurav tells her that she must not tell anyone about their love and continue her life. Lord Bharadwaj sees Gaurav and asks him about why has he come. Gaurav tries to escape with his and Isha&#39;s pictures but Taj stops him. The situation becomes worse and the pictures fall on the floor. Lord Bharadwaj sees the pictures and tries to shoot Gaurav but Yash appears and saves Gaurav. He tel
75 ls everyone that he deserves to be killed and not Gaurav because he has used Gaurav and Isha and has broken their love. Isha&#39;s parents ask her who she really loves. Gaurav tells her to focus on what he has said. Isha starts crying and tells everyone that she is engaging with Taj with her own will and is not being forced by anyone. However, her mood tells that she is not saying this intentionally. Lord Bharadwaj tells Isha&#39;s parents not to force her and ask her about her real choice. Isha tells her parents that she loves Gaurav. Isha and Gaurav&#39;s engagement is fixed. As a result, Gaurav is the one who succeeds in his true love. Yash and Taj fail, but Gaurav fixes Taj&#39;s engagement with Maya and Yash&#39;s mother fixes his engagement with Rubaina. Therefore, all three pairs start living happily. Gaurav&#39;s love for Isha wins in the end</span><br />
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84<br />
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