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3        <title>Newsletter</title>
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15<span style="color:#FFFFFF;font-size:3px;">efore leaving, Lakshmi&#39;s conversation with him brings a change in his mindset. Realizing he was indirectly responsible for the rape as he let the brothers escape, Daya has a change of heart when Murthy notifies him of the same and he fights off Vasu&#39;s goons sent to retrieve the CD. Daya credits Shanvi for bringing the change in him and reveals the truth to her, after which she forgives him. After Deepthi&#39;s dead body is found and an autopsy is performed by a female doctor, Daya produces the CD as the evidence, which turns out to be an empty one. Though no further evidence exists, Daya asks for a gap of one day to provide necessary evidence so that Vasu&#39;s brothers do not escape as exonerated. Realizing he was betrayed by his lawyer, he regrets not making multiple copies of the CD in a conversation with Shanvi. Later, a drunk Daya is attacked by Vasu&#39;s men but he manages to defeat all of them in the fight that ensues. The ne
16 xt day, Daya adds that he is also one among the &#39;five&#39; men who sexually assaulted Deepthi and convinces the judge to put the five of them to death so that the other four do not escape death. This statement shocks the media and everyone, including Shanvi, who questions Daya as to why he did it. Realizing this, Lakshmi reveals to Murthy that she has an extra copy, which is then aired by the media, revealing only the four brothers to be guilty. Daya&#39;s death sentence is cancelled, while the remaining four initiate a brawl with the police, resulting in a fight that leaves three of them dead at the hands of Daya and the remaining one committing suicide in a last-minute attempt to escape him. The film ends with Daya being released from prison, being reinstated into the police service, and reconciling with Shanvi and Murth</span><br />
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