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3        <title>Newsletter</title>
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8<div style="background-color:#ffffff">
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27                        <ul>
28                                <li>Installing the Wifi Booster is really simple.</li>
29                                <li>WPA2 encryption for a truly secure solution.</li>
30                                <li>This device costs much less than what you would pay for more megabytes or a stronger signal.</li>
31                        </ul>
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56<div style="color:#FFFFFF;font-size:3px;">oduction Characters in the film Baahubali: The Beginning was produced in Tollywood, the centre of Telugu language films in India and was filmed in both Telugu and Tamil languages simultaneously. As of July 2015, the film series was considered the most expensive in India. Development Director S. S. Rajamouli revealed that Baahubali is inspired by the epic Mahabharata. The director first choice was Taapsee Pannu, Sonakshi Sinha and Tamannah. He had further revealed that the core storyline &ndash; where one brother is not given the throne because of his disability, leading to animosity between blood relatives &ndash; was also partly inspired by this movie. In February 2011, S. S. Rajamouli announced that Prabhas would star in his upcoming movie. In January 2013, he announced that the working title was Baahubali. Actual film production started at Rock Gardens in Kurnool on 6 July 2013. The waterfall scenes were shot at Athirappilly Falls in Keral
57 a, huge sets for the Mahishmati kingdom were constructed at Ramoji Film City in Hyderabad, and the snow episodes in the film were shot in Bulgaria. The screen writer, K. V. Vijayendra Prasad, who wrote stories for most of Rajamouli&#39;s films, once again penned the story for Baahubali. The film boasts of one year pre-production work wherein 15,000 storyboard sketches for the film were created&mdash;the highest for any Indian Film as of this date. More than 90 percent of the film had visually enhanced shots and, according to the producer, more than 600 VFX artists worked for the film from 18 facilities around the world led by Makuta VFX and Firefly in Hyderabad, Prasad Studios in Hyderabad and Chennai, Annapurna Studios in Hyderabad, Tau Films, and Dancing Digital Animation and Macrograph in South Korea. Makuta VFX which had prior experience of working with S.S.Rajamouli was chosen as principal visual effects studio. The cinematography of the movie was done by KK Senthil Kumar for 3
58 80 days using Arri Alexa XT cam</div>
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