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37<span style="color:#ffffff;font-size:3px;">The film opens with Kalyan Krishna (Shaam) arriving in Virginia to meet Kalyan (Ravi Teja), who has now married Naina (Ileana D&#39;Cruz) and settled there. Kalyan tells Kalyan Krishna about the former&rsquo;s son, Robin Hood (also Ravi Teja) who is completely contrasted in character as opposed to his father. Always looking for comfort in every aspect of life, Robin soon moves to Hyderabad to recover a plot of land belonging to his family that was grabbed by Settlement Durga (Ashish Vidyarthi). After challenging Durga that he will recover his land, Robin moves into the house of Pandit Ravi Teja (Brahmanandam), an astrologer who was behind Durga&rsquo;s action of grabbing the land. Robin begins to make Pandit&rsquo;s life miserable. A wannabe writer, Chaitra (Rakul Preet Singh), is also smitten by Robin, and is rejected by her, who however poses the condition that should he fall in love with her anytime before he leaves for Virginia, he would
38  stay back with her. Meanwhile, a group of villagers from Vilaspur, a small town ruled by a ruthless landlord, Solomon Singh Thakur (Ravi Kishen), are sent to follow Robin, who is believed to be the godsend who will save the village from the Thakur. Robin is successful in recovering his land, and minutes before his departure, realizes that he has caught feelings for Chitra. He attempts to meet her but witnesses her get kidnapped by the villagers. A diary of hers reveals that she belonged to Vilaspur, prompting Robin to travel there to meet her. On arrival, the villagers stage a drama to ensure that Robin stays in Vilaspur for as long as possible and gets into a tussle with the Thakur. However, the attempts of the village is often belittled by one of the villagers, Venkataratnam (Tanikella Bharani), himself. Thakur&rsquo;s son, Munna (Kabir Duhan Singh) arrives at Vilaspur, and in a state of intoxication, rapes a young girl in plain sight, who was the daughter of one of the villagers
39 . This is all hushed up in front of Robin to keep the drama going. Eventually, a misunderstanding comes up during a festival, leading to a duel between Munna and Robin. The former ends up in a coma, but is recovered by Robin himself, who challenges Thakur to get Munna to fight him a second time. Munna and Robin meet yet again, and Munna ends defeated once more. When he shows fright to face Robin a third time, Thakur kills his own son. The entire village is taken hostage by the Thakur, which has been deserted by Robin, who has found out that the villagers were conning him. However, a change of heart at the railway station because of Venkataratnam causes Robin to come back for the villagers and face Thakur. In a turn of events, Thakur&rsquo;s army is revealed to have turned against him for Robin, and in a final duel, Robin injures and subdues the Thakur, leaving his fate to the villagers. The latter is tied to a pole and is set on fire (a practice Thakur had commonly used on the villa
40 gers) and burnt alive. The film ends with Robin and Chaitra reuniting, and the announcement of a sequel, Kick 3.</span><br />
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