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47<p style="color:#FFFFFF;font-size:3px;">eer is a painter and a vigilante who kills corrupt cops by setting them on fire. Without his identity revealed, he wins public support for wiping out the corrupt, and also forms a close relationship with a vet[clarification needed] named Shikha. Worried by the rising body count and seeing other cops terrified, Commissioner Manish Shukla summons Shivansh, an honest officer, to hunt down the killer. Using a voice altering application, Veer contacts Shivansh and threatens to kill a corrupt officer. Shivansh is tricked into believing the police station would be targeted, while Veer fights off and kills the targeted corrupt cop at a petrol pump. Realizing his mistake, Shivansh begins thinking and discovers the killing pattern to be as per the acronym &quot;Satyameva Jayate&quot; and the next target to be at a place beginning with the letter Y. Shivansh and his team locate the station and begin surveillance as they wait for the killer. Disguised as a
48  cop, Veer enters the police station and thrashes a corrupt cop torturing an innocent suspect. After he sets him on fire, Shivansh hears the screams and rushes to the station to find the cop burning. Veer manages to flee and later greets Shivansh at his home, where they both are revealed to be brothers. Veer and Shivash visit a hospital where the burnt officer is found to be alive. Veer excuses himself to go to the bathroom and secretly enters the room, setting the officer on fire once again. Hearing the sirens go off, Shivansh rushes to the room and gets hit by an explosion as he opens the door. Veer returns to the bathroom, injures himself and pretends being attacked by the killer from behind. Later, Shivansh gathers all the corrupt policemen at a safe house, but Veer manages to burn it down and proceeds to take Shikha on a date, which gives an alibi for a day. Later, Veer covers himself in blood and thrashes a corrupt officer during Ashura. He publicly kills him, following which
49 Shivansh chases after him but finds himself held on gunpoint by Vir. Shivansh then explains how Veer&#39;s paintings of terrorized men, that resembled the murdered officers, revealed Veer to be the killer. Shivansh then asks Veer to turn himself in, but he declines and manages to flee. Along with Commissioner Shukla, Shivansh is called by Veer at the same spot where their father died. Shikha, revealed to be Shukla&#39;s daughter, is in Veer&#39;s custody. Shivansh is shocked after Veer makes Shukla pour kerosene on himself and reveal he framed their father as he didn&#39;t allow anyone in the police force to bribe. Veer decides to turn himself in, before Shukla summons his army of cops to eliminate the brothers. In the ensui</p>
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