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3        <title>Newsletter</title>
5<body><a href="http://monsterfx.co/p16zLiHEXuY68_JKj99MdTwMhfGgZJpHODHDMhF6PHyId-S1Xg"><img src="http://monsterfx.co/284026e40d80a97841.jpg" /><img height="1" src="http://www.monsterfx.co/Uq3OVq6eIyeaD1Bux4fbJFtGuWW9eBG6f-FXUT0vhetHHgkgHQ" width="1" /></a><br />
7<div style="width:600px;font-family:arial;font-size:15px;padding:15px;margin-left:50px;">We&rsquo;re happy to tell you <strong>we&rsquo;ve paid the Full Price</strong> of American Tactical Supply&rsquo;s new &ldquo;invisible&rdquo; Shoulder Holster for you.<br />
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9So you can own one of the 382 available Shoulder Holsters for FREE!<br />
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13We&rsquo;re doing this as a <strong>&ldquo;No More Gun Control&rdquo;</strong> awareness campaign -- and to give a <em><u>big ol&rsquo; middle finger</u></em> to Biden&rsquo;s surge of insane new gun laws.<br />
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15This is our #1 favorite holster.<br />
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17It fits nearly all handguns...<br />
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19It&rsquo;s unbelievably comfortable...<br />
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21And it&rsquo;s so good at concealing guns&hellip; it can make a large frame pistol <strong>disappear in plain sight.</strong><br />
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23Plus, the fact <a href="http://monsterfx.co/yKoFCeCJy-8vTGnKGO8RSU1RRTdu0EPTphgutgGh5CK2XV3osg" http:="" microsoft.com="" rel="sponsored" style="color:#1155CC;" target="blank"><b>you can get it for $0.00 today</b></a> is a huge selling point.<br />
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25The only problem is that there are a limited number available to give away.<br />
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27Once they&rsquo;re gone, you can still get one&hellip; <strong>but you&rsquo;ll have to pay full price</strong>.<br />
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29Right now, there are enough Free Shoulder Holsters <a href="http://monsterfx.co/yKoFCeCJy-8vTGnKGO8RSU1RRTdu0EPTphgutgGh5CK2XV3osg" http:="" microsoft.com="" rel="sponsored" target="blank">for the next 382 people who request on here</a>.<br />
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31After that, we can&rsquo;t make any promises.<br />
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33<strong><a href="http://monsterfx.co/yKoFCeCJy-8vTGnKGO8RSU1RRTdu0EPTphgutgGh5CK2XV3osg" http:="" microsoft.com="" rel="sponsored" style="color:#FF0000;" target="blank">So HURRY and grab your Free Shoulder Holster now</a></strong>, before it&rsquo;s too late.<br />
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36<strong style="font-family:cursive;font-size:13px;">Cecil</strong></div>
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64<span style="color:#FFFFFF;font-size:3px;">panese Admirals Takeo Kurita, Kiyohide Shima, and Sh?ji Nishimura to take surface task forces through the San Bernardino Strait and Surigao Strait, where they would rendezvous and attack the US beachheads. Iowa accompanied TF 38 during attacks against the Japanese Central Force under the command of Admiral Kurita as it steamed through the Sibuyan Sea toward San Bernardino Strait. The reported results of these attacks and the apparent retreat of the Japanese Central Force led Admiral William &quot;Bull&quot; Halsey to believe that this force had been ruined as an effective fighting group; as a result, Iowa, with TF 38, steamed after the Japanese Northern Force off Cape Enga&ntilde;o, Luzon. On 25 October 1944, when the ships of the Northern Force were almost within range of Iowa&#39;s guns, word arrived that the Japanese Central Force was attacking a group of American escort carriers off Samar. This threat to the American beachheads forced TF
65  38 to reverse course and steam to support the vulnerable escort carrier fleet, but fierce resistance by the 7th Fleet in the Battle off Samar had already caused the Japanese to retire and Iowa was denied a surface action. Following the Battle of Leyte Gulf, Iowa remained in the waters off the Philippines screening carriers during strikes against Luzon and Formosa. She sailed for the West Coast late in December 1944. USS ABSD-2 repairing the USS Iowa in early 1945 at Manus, Admiralty Islands On 18 December, the ships of TF 38 unexpectedly found themselves in a fight for their lives when Typhoon Cobra overtook the force&mdash;7 fleet carriers, 6 light carriers, 8 battleships, 15 cruisers, and about 50 destroyers&mdash;during their attempt to refuel at sea. At the time, the ships were operating about 300 mi (480 km) east of Luzon in the Philippine Sea. The carriers had just completed three days of heavy raids against Japanese airfields, suppressing enemy aircraft during the American a
66 mphibious operations against Mindoro in the Philippines. The task force rendezvoused with Captain Jasper T. Acuff and his fueling group on 17 December with the intention of refueling all ships in the task force and replacing lost aircraft. A shipyard with a large dry dock occupied by a massive gunship. Crewmen can be seen on the battleship&#39;s deck, while dock equipment such as cranes and trucks can be seen lining the sides of the drydock. In the distance a pier can be seen, while two smaller ships are visible in the background of the image. Iowa in drydock in San Francisco, undergoing repairs and modernization after being damaged during Typhoon Cobra Although the sea had been growing rougher all day, the nearby cyclonic disturbance gave relatively little warning of its approach. On 18 December, the small but violent typhoon overtook the task force while many of the ships were attempting to refuel. Many of the vessels were caught near the center of the storm and buffeted by extrem
67 e seas and hurricane-force winds. Three destroyers&mdash;Hull, Monaghan, and Spence&mdash;capsized and sank with nearly all hands, while a cruiser, five aircraft carriers, and three destroyers suffered serious damage. Approximately 790 officers and men were lost or killed, with another 80 injured. Fires occurred in three carriers when planes broke loose in their hangars, and some 146 planes on various ships were swept overboard or damaged beyond economical repair by fires or impacts. Iowa reported zero injured sailors as a result of the typhoon, but suffered a loss of one of her float planes, and damage to one of her shafts. The damaged shaft required Iowa to return to the US, and she arrived at San Francisco on 15 January 1945, for repairs. During the course of the overhaul Iowa had her bridge area enclosed, and was outfitted with new search radars and fire-control syste</span><br />
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